I often use the same key combos in the terminal so I added a (configurable) shortcut bar on top of osk-stub's (pretty basic) terminal layout. Let' see how this works out.

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@agx I just discovered a keyboard on android/f-droid[1] that allows typing extra keys by tapping a keycap, holding, and swiping in some direction (up, down, diag.) to select the alternate key. try it out... it's a little hard to explain but it seems really nice to use, like tab is tap/hold 'a' key then swipe up... it's very fast to type. maybe it could provide some inspiration 😄


@craftyguy we do character popover already: gitlab.gnome.org/guidog/phosh- . Combine that with the space-bar-press swipe cursor navigation we also already have and you're already almost there. Having a nice widget for it is the harder part but I'd be happy to see patches for that.

@agx yeah I've seen the popover stuff, but what this "unexpected keyboard" thing does is... a bit different than being just a popover. Nothing pops up when you "select" an alternative key for a keycap.


@craftyguy I'm aware it's not a popup. What I described is how you combine what's in phosh-osk-stub *codewise* to get to what you described.

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