I'm really good at making typos so I revisited the text-completion support in 's osk-stub and added a completer based on the library and trained it with a German text from @gutenberg_org and was surprised how well that works. 1/2

Video is at 3 x speed as typing is fiddly with the camera over the phone 🙂 .

You need to enable completion in the debug panel as I need to fix some other edges before turning it on by default

MR is here:

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Looks great, I want this kind of completion!

Is that (osk-stub) not Squeekboard but another keyboard implementation?


@eliasr phosh-osk-stub ( started out as a debugging tool when working on input-purpose support for gcr ( - it grew more and more features over time - I still consider it's main purpose debugging and experimentation though.

@eliasr @gutenberg_org Added a model for
(based on August Strindberg: Inferno, also available from project gutenberg), a menu to toggle completion easily and switching the model based on locale:
(video is at 2x speed)

@agx I have to be amazed again how quickly things develop. Unbelievable, thank you for your hard work. I laughed out loud at the beginning of this video because I've probably sent thousands of "Test" sms messages over the last few years :D

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