org.Gtk.MountOperationHandler support coming to so you can open encrypted volumes with swipeable, modal dialogs


@agx @purism Looks awesome!

Also, which file browser is that, nautilus?

@agx @leimon @purism @brainblasted Sadly it's not completely adaptive upstream yet, hopefully we will have time to complete it in time for GNOME 41.

@KekunPlazas @agx @leimon @purism @brainblasted I wonder what is with the GTK Dialogs like file picker, about window and so on, is there a plan to have them adaptive?

@Alexmitter @KekunPlazas @leimon @purism @brainblasted there are patches for that involving which are used in but gtk3 looks too frozen to get those in upstream so work is focusing on / here.

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