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All jokes aside, remember what Christmas is really about, people.

Rich people being terrorized by spectres until they agree to pay their employees a living wage.

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Are you feeling lonely during the festive season? Have you tried the hashtag #JoinIn?

It works like this:

- During Xmas period, or any time, write about what you're doing and include the tag #JoinIn. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or impressive!

- Search for (or follow) the tag #JoinIn, reply to other people's posts with that tag.

I know it sounds kind of simple, but it's worth trying!

I'm going to be on my own this year due to ongoing pandemic, but will see you at #JoinIn

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Congrats #Flathub for reaching 2000 apps!

$ flatpak remote-ls --app --user flathub | wc -l

#Flatpak @FlatpakApps

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The Sept, Oct, and Nov 2022 Progress Report is up! This time we have a better FPS counter, our Android GUI has been overhauled, ubershaders is now more uber on modern APIs, android says no, we support WiiConnect24 at last, and more!

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Here's the second photograph in this series of posts showing the lifecycle of different berries.

Today, we're looking at the strawberry. As always, I hope you enjoy it.

#nature #life #photography #amazing #strawberry #fruits #berries #photo #photos #beautiful

It is great to see Valve heavily investing in Linux and narrowing the gap with Windows. An excerpt of the recent TheVerge states

"Griffais says the company is also directly paying more than 100 open-source developers to work on the Proton compatibility layer, the Mesa graphics driver, and Vulkan, among other tasks like Steam for Linux and Chromebooks."

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A Security & Privacy Focused Phone with a Secure Supply Chain🙌

Order your Librem 5 USA before Dec 5, 2022. We are shipping within 10 business days. Use code LIBREM5USA to get $100 off 🎉

@purism I hope there is a plan to take advantage of the discord with Twitter to market the Librem One. There is definitely a need for supported Mastodon servers and the Librem One is the best out there.

Its time for my

I am Solution Architect across various technologies as a living

I am a huge fan of and the ecosystems.

For fun, I enjoy , and spending time with friends and family.

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