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To post #SoundFiles on #Mastodon:
You do NOT have to make a #YouTube video, like in Twitter. You can post a #WAV or similar file right inside your toot. Insert it in as you would a photo, but search for the sound file on your device.

"Audio files can be any length, as long as the file size is under 40 MBs. The supported formats are MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, AAC, M4A and 3GP." - @feditips

The attached file here is my #commercial #voiceover #demo.

#voiceacting #VO #VoiceActor

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Mastodon is approaching Ten Million accounts. 10, 000,000!!! Many of these new accounts will not have any idea what Mastodon and the Fediverse is about. Please share with any #newbie #new people you come across, the answers they are seeking about Mastodon, the Fediverse and Everything (almost) all in one place:

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I have to remember that, because #Mastodon doesn't have #algorithm curated feeds, I have to #boost / reblog interesting people more often. Liking their posts doesn't make them more visible.

Also, if you want to find new people, I use the #Welcome hashtag whenever I say hi to a new person who posted an #Introduction. I try to greet interesting people pretty frequently.

Love y'all! Keep being kind! 💜

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Woohoo, now I've got my own "Manjaro broke users' setups by shipping work-in-progress software that was specifically not enabled upstream" story.

Lots of upstream developers have had end-users systems break because of reckless packaging.

Coincidentally, it's usually Manjaro that we have this issue with.

What a coincidence!

@alexm This looks amazing. I can't try out the new widgets!

@purism That is great! The more integration between the Linux Desktop/Phone and Librem One the better 🙂

@cassidy It looked like the tiling design was going to land late last year. I hope @tbernard gets the bandwidth to wrap up his vision.

@elementary Ah, it was my poor understanding of the term . Thank you for taking the time to explain. It makes much more sense now 🙂 .

I am not certain how @elementary is considered inclusive design. Its approach is a strong opinionated design approach that allows for amazing levels of consistency. If anything @elementary is much like GNOME's rich approach. KDE with its openness to supporting different workflows and design pattern is far more of an project. Granted at its expense of consistency and ease of use, such are the tradeoffs in its approach.

@Mjo321 So if a shy, nice guy asks a girl out politely. Yet, she isn't interested in him, which makes her feel uncomfortable due to the request. So what you are saying is that it is OK with her to rudely say no?

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Is it me or does Mastodon seem to skew older? How old are you?

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2 types of people, those who can hear this image, and those who can't.

@tdforg I am glad to now be able to keep up with the Document Foundation 🙂! Thanks for joining!

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