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Climate activists are blocking the Harrods Aviation private terminal at Luton Airport near London.

The greed of the extreme rich will not go unchallenged in the face of a climate emergency.


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The deeper you go into Firefox development, the better the icons become. 🦊 #firefox #synthwave

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Forward thinking and designed for real life with an improved sideloading and alt store experience, power profiles management, and using a next generation UI toolkit. OS 7 Helps you get the apps you need, Empowers you with new features and settings, and evolves our developer platform. Download it now for a pay-what-you-can price!

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Who knew you needed to see a red panda eating grapes tonight, but there it is. 🥴🥰😍

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Man, with 293 @pop_os_official has a big lead in our Best Distro, way ahead of second place Fedora with 125 votes. Third place @ubuntu is almost out of the running with 82 votes. Distros need to get their users voting. I'm talking to you @linuxmint , @debian , @manjarolinux , @MXLinux , @opensuse , @elementary , and @EndeavourOS . Boost this toot to get the word out, and vote here:

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I never knew how to put it into words. There was something powerful distilled in places that spent decades alone, silently deteriorating, that made me feel I could almost make out through the shimmering mirage of the waking world. I was watching these places go somewhere, become something, but it wasn't time yet for me to see it. It ached to be so close to something I could never define.

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Here is DEATH STRANDING DC running with HDR on Linux!

It's hard to show off HDR... so have a HDR Heatmap to go along with it!
Anything not greyscale is brighter than 100 nits. 🌞🐸
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This should be the top story on every news outlet...

"Scientists say planet in midst of sixth mass extinction, Earth's wildlife running out of places to live"

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Thousands of works of art published in 1927 are now in the public domain—classics like 📕Sherlock Holmes, 🎞️Metropolis & 🎵Puttin’ on the Ritz.

Show off your creative skills in our FILM REMIX contest! Prizes up to $1,500. Details ⤵️

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░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 0%

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▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 99%

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Here it is! My algorithmic #Mastodon Digest is now #OpenSource! It surfaces posts and boosts from your home timeline that you may have missed. You need a bit of comfort running #python #projects but I tried to make it as turnkey as possible. Everything runs locally, and you can currently generate 288 different digests based on your preferred:
• Timeline history
• Scoring criteria
• Threshold criteria

Lots more to experiment with — please remember this is still a toy 😄

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RT @RafaDelNero
Must-follow for #Java developers:


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The best way to find every AA battery in your home is to need a pair of AAAs.

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Awesome #java / #jvm savvy accounts to follow:

👋🏼 Jean-Philippe Bempel - @jpbempel
👋🏼 Sander Mak - @sander_mak
👋🏼 Nicolai Parlog - @nipafx
👋🏼 Philipp Hauer - @philipp_hauer
👋🏼 Java Champions - @JavaChampions

More updates like this? Follow me or #JavaBubbleOrgAccountsRefresher

Source: #javabubble (
Botdev: @moelholm

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