Not all of the new faces in Sable's Grimoire 2 will belong to students.

A good magic academy needs good teachers, and these upstanding citizens somehow made the cut.

But how many of them are actually qualified?

Amadronia Academy isn't the only place a mage can go to get an education.

In Sable's Grimoire 2 we'll meet students from Sturt Academy, a human-only academy with a rather different focus.

What role will it play in the upcoming game?

Sable's Grimoire 2 is still a ways off, but that doesn't mean we can't have a peek at some of the new cast members.

I'll post character bios every now and then. First up, let's meet a few of the new first-year students coming to Amadronia Academy.

Is it the year's end already? Here's one final blog post to wrap up 2023:

The big news is that the store page for SG2 is now live. Links are in the blog post, or you can view the Steam announcement here:

Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf is now available on Playstation and Switch:

It is not available on Xbox as it was rejected by Microsoft.

My Heart Grows Fonder version 1.2.0 has been released.

This update brings 2 new endings and lots more content.

More details can be found in the release announcement on Steam or Itch.
(The update will come to other stores soon)

Max Massacre is now available on Steam.
It was originally released on Itch in 2016, but has been absent from Steam until now.

Release notes, including what's changed in the new build, can be found here:

The update is also available on Release notes here:

The update has also been submitted to Google Play (pending review) and will be on other stores soon.

A new blog post is now live

This post covers:

-recent releases (An Adventurer's Gallantry, A Dragon's Treasure on consoles)

-what's coming up soon (MHGF update, Max Massacre on Steam)

-and misc website/store page updates.

I'm a bit late with this announcement, but A Dragon's Treasure is now available on Switch and PSN.

Download links for both can be found here:

Unfortunately this game was rejected by Microsoft, so it won't be on the xbox store.

An Adventurer's Gallantry is now also available on Google Play, Flathub, and the Snap Store.

Download links for all can be found here:

The store pages for An Adventurer's Gallantry are now live on Itch and Steam.

The game will be released either this month or next month.

Experimenting with some new settings for my next game.

It was fiddly, but I think it's all working now.

New settings include:
-alt resolution/aspect ratio (Steam Deck)
-controller/key icons & bindings
-text & sprite size control
-textbox opacity
-hide side sprite/quick menu

First blog post of the new year is up

This post includes progress updates on a couple of games and planned work for steam deck compatibility.

It didn't quite arrive in time for x-mas, but I finally got my hands on a . Time for some gaming!

I mean, uhh... testing. Lots of testing.

Maybe both?

In all seriousness, I'll be looking at ways to improve my games on

First order of business is to fix a problem some Steam Decks (mine included) have where Renpy games freeze up.

I've patched my free games and the fix seems to work. Now for the others...

Sable's Grimoire After Story is out at last! This update caps off development of the first game as we look towards Sable's Grimoire 2.

You can find more details on this update as well as the other things I'm working on in my first blog post here:

Linux users can now find my non-commercial games in flatpak format on
If you're already using flathub, you can run:

flatpak --user install flathub games.zetsubou

to see/install them.

Man And Elf and A Dragon's Treasure were recently marked as Adults Only on Steam (instead of just the DLC).

The store pages have been adjusted and should now be publicly visible again.

The game builds have not been altered. It's just the store page and announcements on Steam.

Version 1.4.1 of Sickness is now available on and Steam.

Full list of changes are available on the release announcement:

The update will be made available to other stores soon.

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