Is it the year's end already? Here's one final blog post to wrap up 2023:

The big news is that the store page for SG2 is now live. Links are in the blog post, or you can view the Steam announcement here:

@zetsubougames Since it's finally 2024 any chance of maybe adding early access to your game?

@Silly_Cyn I don't think I'll be doing Early Access for any of my games.

Although a lot of work has been done, most of it isn't completed "in order".

eg. Many scenes have been written, but then the backgrounds and CGs for those scenes haven't been drawn yet.

In other cases, the writing for some character routes has been started, but the common route leading to that route hasn't reached that point yet.

So I don't think making the game available in early access would be a very good experience.

@zetsubougames Thank you for the quick reply I'd like your post but I have no idea how this platform works and shall be leaving.

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