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Spent too long today tweaking CSS, then got annoyed, decided I didn't like site design and scraped 90% of the stylesheet. Now it looks ace.

Shitpost that turned into a blog post 

Although there is a guy that has a tractor with a trailer that he put some old church pews in that goes around the villages at the weekend so people can get about.

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The real great thing ThML is the div1 div2 div3 structure.
Converts really nicely into gemtext headings which work well in clients with ToC's.
Things which don't always work nice: block quotes, italics.
And I haven't implemented notes, footnotes, or links yet.

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Announcing thml2gmi: my script which converts's markup to gemtext.

Demo: gemini://

Try it out the following:

Need help with #vim? just remember these helpful sayings.

h - hold up i gotta take a left
j - justin im going down
k - karen im trying to go upstairs
l - right

"Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better"

Edsger W. Dijkstra

How do people feel about 'programming ligatures'? I have some thoughts.

(see Fira Code for examples:

And when you're writing an article, ALWAYS use relative links when referring to other wiki pages. That way the proxy-er can choose where the user goes.

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So I just write a few articles, then set up a priority list of other servers I trust. If I don't like someone's article, then I just copy it and modify.

Users can either edit their hosts file, or change the proxy setting in their gemini client. They set it to the one whose editorial standards they agree with.

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If you've ever seen that 'encyclosphere' project and agree that the centralized nature of wikipedia is an issue, but worry about immense cost-overheads with developing a website, consider: We make our own wiki articles on gemini://wiki.your.tld/Article.gmi
Then we each run a server which proxies requests made to gemini://wiki/Article.gmi -- programmed proxy requests to other servers.
Each article should start with its canonical URL, and end with the license of the article.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook has joined Section 230’s critics: it literally has the most to gain from decimating the law.

git changing master to main by default 

I had it when some minor update caused to interminably hang (all because my home directory was network mounted).
My general tech advise to average people: Never update anything that already works.

Looking at you, literally every meme systems programming lang

Looking at you with extreme prejudice, every meme shell 😠

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If your project aims to become a fixture in the computational substrate of infrastructure on top of which everything else runs

I will have pretty high standards for your work

It is illegal to boost this post 

Well, I'm late to the party, but already have some (original, never-before-seen) content:
Action Jones (The Story of a Lost Piece of Cultural History)

How a (formerly) online webseries captured my imagination, and the grief of its loss to the world.

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