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Guys I didn’t change anything yet and started working again 🤯

Looks like Twitter has removed the endpoint was using to fetch profiles...

I'll do another reverse engineering round to figure out another way

it was the fuck aroundiest of times, it was the find outiest of times

Just hooked up to tracing software for the first time and it's really fascinating!

For exemple, this is an histogram of how fast Twitter answers queries for recent posts by an account.

Look how slow it is! There are a few speedy one at 50~ms, but most are >300ms, which would indicate that they are not cached.

I would have thought it was the other way around, most accounts cached a few that have posted recently that are not cached

Take a moment to appreciate the magic of trade. A free trade is when two parties make an exchange because they both want to, and both wind up better off. Yes, fraud, coercion, and externalities exist, but the vast majority of exchanges are unregretted and positive sum.

Introducing Valve Certified Refurbished Steam Decks! These are fully tested at Valve facilities and come with the same 1-year warranty as a new Deck. Supplies are limited and expect these to come in and out of stock as available.
Learn more here:

If you depend on our #relay my dear #mastoadmin folks, and have a GitHub account, chiming in on how this will impact you would be appreciated. If you’re unsure how it will impact you, I’ll sum it up: no more relay 😣

I'm testing stuff regarding authorized_fetch, but I would need a mastodon server that has it turned on. Know any?

ME: The Earth is 71% water
ME: And practically all of that water is uncarbonated
SCIENTIST: Okay, sure. Not sure where you're going with this but
ME: So the Earth is flat
ME: ...
SCIENTIST: Listen here you little shit

CoreWeave just took out a $2.3 billion loan, collateralized against their GPU stockpile … and will use the facility to … buy more GPUs. This is fine. 🫠

“The reason most public transportation is seen as ‘losing’ money is precisely because it charges for trips. If you don't charge fares, suddenly it can't ‘lose’ money. It just costs money, the same as the roads.”

This random comment has given me my new favourite argument for removing fares from public transit.

#Steam On Linux #Usage Spikes To Nearly 2% In July, Larger Marketshare Than Apple #macOS

-- @amd also now commands a 69% CPU marketshare among Linux gamers.

Happy August! Here are the top 20 games of the past month, sorted by playtime. What have you been playing?

Twitter feels like Hogwarts when it was under rule by Dolores Umbridge

Also I'm going to make it deploy automatically from sourcehut when I push new changes, this is going to save me so much time!

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