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I did it! I now have a kubernetes cluster!

Here is the config for, for those curious:

I'll see how it behaves in the next week or so, and then I'll start consolidating the various servers I have to it.

Also it's only in web server mode, it doesn't crawl yet. I will use the ordinal of the statefulset as the shard ID to enable crawling. Right now it has to be manually set per node

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I'm so excited to share Mastopoet, a tool made by @raikas that allows you to capture Mastodon posts as beautiful images and share them across the Internet. This makes posts much more eye-catching in other social medias for instance. :bunhdheart:

Use the tool:

Browse the source code:

Mastopoet supports #MastodonBirdUI and options to show metrics in textual or icons or hide them completely.

Please note: If you use this tool to share toots, remember to copy the post text as alt text, thank you!

#Mastodon #MastodonTools #Mastopoet #Tools #MastodonTips #Fediverse #OpenSource

My partner's take on His Dark Materials is that the alethiometer is made of emojis and that's why only children can grok it

If you like writing academic papers and are also into BDSM, do you say I'm into latex and LaTeX or can you just say latex once?

A prediction (based on decades of coding):
There is some code - somewhere deep in the zillions of lines of X(Twitter) code - which absolutely and wrongly depends on the literal string "twitter".
And, as the rebranding continues, it will fail, spectacularly.

Twitter's New "X" Logo Is Reminding Plenty Of People Around XOrg

-- Elon's weight in the XOrg vs. Wayland debate?

I posted about switching to Firefox as my "daily driver" browser as a little tiny step away from Chromium browser hegemony, and I had a ton of people in the replies suggesting I should just use Brave or Edge or Opera or Vivaldi instead.

I'm a little concerned that people don't realize just how pervasive this problem is. Every single one of those sits on top of the Chromium codebase.

Getting lots of errors from on follow requests on, have they changed something recently?

Deploying new versions of is starting to take a while with so many boxes, I think it's time I move it to a kubernetes cluster

A friend of mine once explained that a key reason most automakers don’t provide OTA software updates is that they are considered recalls.

Since recalls are “bad” they are not incentivized to build updateable car software because they want to keep their 4 recalls on average per car metrics versus Tesla’s 62 recalls on average.

A great example of how chasing the wrong metric can screw a product.

The problem facing ride sharing and food delivery services is that you can only pick two out of these three

• Low prices
• Well paid drivers
• A profitable platform

The entire category pioneered by Uber is not a good business model. It only got so large as a category due to being subsidized by billions in venture capital.

I get asked from time to time “why not GitHub for your projects?” and here’s a good answer from a fellow sourcehut user

With unique behind-the-scenes access to the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, Netflix followed a team of engineers and scientists as they took the next giant leap in the quest to understand the universe. Premieres Monday, July 24. #NASAWebb #JWST

Today we'll likely issue 3+ million certs.
That's 125,000 per hour.
2,083 per minute.
34 👏 every 👏 second 👏

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