Mastodon's layout sucks. Why are Notifications and Getting Started not aligned right and Home set to span to fit?

Have you worshipped a Sumerian god today or are you a loser?

Facebook just flagged a clip from Mulan as "sexual content". This kind of nonsense is why you should never replace humans with AI ever for any reason and why centralization is idiotic.

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.identity_proofs.publicize_toot, username: vanessanaire, service: Keybase, url:">Publicize Toot</span>

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not entirely sure what I even mean 

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Free speech ≠ unmoderated speech

Just because you can't be arrested for saying it, doesn't mean we have to give you a platform.

The thing they never tell you about working B shift is how lonely it is.

@gbryant what distro are you on at the moment? I'm on Pop!_os.

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