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Thanks! We're building a site for "kolektiva" but it's still rough, but should be functional. Absolutely donations are appreciated as with this kind of growth, we'll need some beefier hardware and have a $0 budget πŸ˜‰

By the way, the economy is at least 50% more concentrated now than it was in 2005.

We desperately need stronger anti-trust enforcement to break up the monopoly power of corporations like Ticketmaster.

Thank you for doing your best to help Canadians during these tough and uncertain times.

If anyone wants to slide into our DM's with #Punin's #Password please feel free.



Let’s make this the most productive lame-duck session of Congress in decades. And let’s start by lifting the debt ceiling to prevent Republicans from taking our economy hostage.


0.7.0-rc4 the multi protocol client (sms, matrix, xmpp) used with on multiple mobile devices, running on a desktop with multiple accounts and an account.

It's not exactly a "big deal" to run it on a desktop, since one of the ideas with is convergence, and being able to run the same software across devices (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc), to be able to do this sort of thing.

But it is still very cool to see :)

@wjmaggos Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post should have elicited more outrage than it did. Perhaps because is an interactive platform that it's seen as a more important institution and thus has wider implications for free expression and opinion.

Imagine a universe where everyone is their worksona, and that's basically the Metaverse

How is abortion an economic issue?

Being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term means:

β€” Families are 4x more likely to live below the poverty line

β€” Parents are 3x less likely to work full-time

β€” Parents are 6x more likely to receive public assistance

So many people are having a bad first experience with Mastodon because they're using the official app which is lacking features, doesn't allow image uploads randomly, has random slowness, and doesn't give you easy access to the two most active feeds where you can find people (Local and Federated).

Please switch to Metatext, Tusky, or Tooot for a better mobile experience (or even use a browser).

Out of the >15k users that joined this week, over 11k are on the official apps.

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