While some of the new users from Twitter are discovering the wonders of in the , I hope that perhaps they would like to try some alternatives to messaging? Might I recommend creating an or account. Ask around to find a local server (there's lots).

Some clients to look at once you've created a new account:


is on the ? Oh now the mighty have fallen. I almost feel bad for him.

Hey admins, remember when the used to federate? Please don't break the . Leave the blocking to the users.

Unfortunately the posts will likely get more numerous as the purity spiral part of the gets more and more outnumbered. Luckily by that point it will no longer be their Fediverse but our Fediverse. They will just be a small, weak subset.

Does your instance have connectivity?

Really liking the new release of . The best mobile client just got better.

Been seeing lots of new instances spring up. Nice to see the growing at the expense of shitty old, centralized, censorious social media.

Yet again I appear to have missed a huge shitstorm of drama sleeping.

Humble posters of the ! Take heed of my call! Your persecution need not be eternal! Make your home here, on the ! Once established, we can strike back and crush the enemies of awoo!

An instance populated exclusively by blobcats. It’s a dream come true πŸ₯° Now we just need one for blobfoxes and the will be perfect.

Best thing ever did was bring more people over to the . Everything else however does not seem to be going well for them πŸ˜•. With the extra attention I hope many more people decide to join.

I just don't get it. We generally all mind our own business here in our little corner of the and yet why do we still have narcissistic, sociopaths trying to fuck with us? Maybe I just answered my own question.

What's the deal with all these people joining lately? The is the real deal. It's undoubtedly the platform that is the most resistant to censorship. See how it goes joining a with a different name.

told people to follow him on instead of on the . Insecure Telegram. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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