We are proud to unveil the final hardware specifications for the Librem 5 smartphone, set to begin shipping in Q3 of 2019.

Seems to be the best smartphone :)
Just a little bit expensive for me but when I can buy it I'll change my phone, for sure.
Good luck for future.

@purism Is the earpiece speaker of the Librem 5 used only for calls or can it be used for indoor video watching without headphones?

@jaller94 on the website itself it says:


1 earpiece speaker + digital microphone

3.5mm headphone jack with stereo out and mono microphone input

Audio DAC: Wolfson Media WM8962

1 loudspeaker

So I assume yes :)

@purism Finally ^^ I can´t wait for it to be released. A lot has been clarified with those final specs.

So..what will the availability of phone cases look like? I'm a machinist and will undoubtedly be knocking into things. I'm satisfied with a simple TPU case, and clear plastic screen protector if they will be available at the time the phone is released

@TheCzar @purism I’m sure Thingiverse will have a bunch of cases almost immediately.

The camera looks like it will be pretty good. ☺️

@purism I'm wondering how much of the 32 GB of storage is taken up by the OS?

@purism so...does this mean that it will also get LTE? Also, could you post the frequencies for the baseband. Need to know which services it’s compatible with

@jk07301029 @purism Hi you can see the supported frequencies here:

The same page also has a link to see the if your carrier supports those frequencies.

@purism Such a long trip, but it was worth it.

Can't wait! The WiFi is surprising though, does it not support 802.11ac? Been out for awhile now.

@majicjay @purism it seems there are only ac modules that require blobs.

There are currently no ac WiFi cards with libre firmware

@purism With those specs should cost around a 150 bucks I'm guessing. Nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can afford an iPhone or Galaxy.

@beercanbrian @purism
I'm pretty sure they pay at least $200 for production. It's a small run, not hundreds of thousands to be made.
Of those ~10,000 devices, take $200 for hardware development and $200 for the software development and there you are at $600.
Those who support it invest in freedom instead of Apple's shareholders ;)

I can't wait to you ship this and I can ditch my iphone.  I already work out of my librem 13 all day and love it so much more than the macbook pro I had .  Here is hoping it ships before the last day of q3!

@purism is it a fair assumption that the Baseband chip will be upgradable in the future to a M.2 card that has better frequency coverage? With that in mind, what about upgrades to other hardware as well since it seems you've tried to make it more user repair friendly and modular...

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