@purism A privacy company encouraging the use of a Google service question mark?

@purism I like your daily posts, but can you please selfhost the videos? (Just don't force people to use youtube)

@baschdel @moz @purism
Well, here's an unofficial peertube channel by @wsaewyc
Yes, they should do that, but I guess lower prio right now.
All videos come in self-hosted versions in the weekly updates:
All videos are come in a

@purism Rendering of the front of the and an overlay of the main board!! Excited as hell to see this come to life over the past few months!!! youtube.com/watch?v=wJvAvr8j4g

@purism I love how this video doesn't actually show anything running at all.

Make no mistake, I think the phone is an exciting prospect, but what is this? 😛

@sean @purism it looks like purism is trying to make something clear here, I thought they might be getting ready to show the first real prototype of the actual device. That would explain that mainboard (which is the same exact dimension as the phone, the devkit is larger).
But that's just guesswork :p

@purism Pretty, but we can't really tell anything about it without seeing the sides and the back! I want to see if you ended up sticking with the awesome looking chamfered edge rather than a less nice rounded one.

@purism This video produces more questions than it answers.

Is this just a design idea or how it will actually look like? (The only description is "Something different" - with that description it could even be a different phone 😕 )
Is the red stuff the board components so the rest will be left for battery?
How thick will it be.

How mean you are to your addicted followers having even more things to think about!

Waiting for the next video tomorrow.

@dukethereal @purism they have been doing daily videos, of course they can't reveal everything in one go...

@martins @dukethereal @purism True, they can't reveal everything in one go. At least not yet... I'm hoping Purism is gearing up for some juicy marketing, a snazzy commercial, and maybe some prototype demos. Prototype demos would definitely generate even more hype!

@dukethereal @purism Well, at last purism should know the screen-size by now.

@purism best video yet, at least we can see progress

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