You know who else had a dick? Hitler did! 😱

(Source in Russian: )


I love it that the snow-penis is censored! Russia standing for family values!

(This cock has two balls, Hitler’s only one. )

I remember in early 2000s half the iron fences in Moscow had penis patterns — ah, the careless times, everyone was laughing, no one even thought about censoring this. Nowadays you can get arrested for using yellow and blue clothespins or something like that 😂
The kids are 14 and 16 y.o. they can't even be criminally charged with such crimes — I don't even know how they plan to prosecute them. Shit's surreal!


It’s just embarrassing for the authorities to charge kids like that…

@useless_idiot @m0xee
I guess its because it is widely believed in rushnya, that ideological buddy of Vova had a bigger dong than his.

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