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We are sponsoring a really cool movie about the beginnings of the Chaos Computer Club and how they influenced the digital society. 😎 Check it out!

Hey Mastodon!

I have a question for you all: What, in your opinion, is the most user-friendly OS ever created? I need some stuff to study for a thing I'm making that relates heavily to OS design.


Want to bring a bit of #opensource in the Apple world? Help us build an iOS companion app for the @PINE64 #PineTime!

Session doesn't rely on Tor to onion-route your messages.

We can onion-route it ourselves, on a sybil-resistant network of nearly 2000 nodes.

And soon — we will even be able to onion-route high quality voice and video calls.



For some reason people are always surprised and/or offended that I'm a Linux channel with openly left leaning political views, like yeah of course we exist and are going to openly express our views just as other Linux channels do, why wouldn't we?

@LinuxLounge made me think of you. This is at my partner’s school that she works at.

Maybe I'm missing something here @Tutanota but I'm on the latest version of your desktop app under Fedora 34 and I only have the same theme options I've always had, nothing custom about it.

A new /e/ "deGoogled" smartphone for the US! 🇺🇸

Not only the /e/-Teracube T2E cares about privacy, but it has a replaceable battery and is built with recycled materials.

In short: a better smartphone 📱

#degoogled #smartphones #privacy #mydataisMYdata


For those curious about our setup, here it is! Running Fedora 34 on an Intel Nuc 8th Gen.

/e/ ( hires a proficient low-level #Android developer (Java/C/SELinux...) with good network development skills (DNS, IPtables, Berkeley Packet Filter) 🛠️📲🦸

📩 resume + introduction letter to:

Feel free to forward #remotejob #anywhere

Looking for a new challenge? So join TUXEDO Computers! We're looking for software developers and many more!

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

We are pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-18. Full details can be found in the accompanying blog post:

#UbuntuTouch #Ubports #Lomiri #OTA18 #Ubuntu #LinuxMobile #OpenSource

What free software do you use everyday the most?

Please help share.

:gnu: :linux: :kde: :kubuntu: :firefox: :inkscape: :gimp: :emacs:

#Computer #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

We're going to college!...In the Fall :P for a Digital Marketing program to help boost the awareness of FOSS. What are the best Linux laptop options for new college students, and which ones offer back to school/student discounts?

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