Hello to everyone who has read our blog posts and supported us with your thoughts and opinions. Librefree.me has turned 1 years old today and we're very proud of the work we've done! One woman writing articles in her free time has been able to grow a small fan base, partner with some of our favorite companies and learn so much about what the open source world has to offer and to share that with all of you. The journey up to this point in time has been amazing. So it's with a heavy heart that....


That due to financial constraints and the world economy that is. librefree.me will be closing down. While we go on hiatus, know that we do plan to come back stronger than ever, but until that time we'll be thankful for the camaraderie we shared in our love of tech and FOSS. While our social media will still be active and we'll still be available for discussion, we won't have any new updates or blog posts to share. We'd again like to thank everyone who helped us get here and supported a girl with

a dream to share her love of FOSS with the community and use that growth to create a small online presence. Something she had always dreamed of doing.

Take care everyone,


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@librefree same here i wish you didnt have to go liked what you wrote about the device i have on preorder the mudita pure

@librefree ill miss the blog and someday it will be back you always wrote such great articles

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