There are certain songs that are always dangerous if they come on the radio while you are driving because they make your foot... heavy. Mine's Jerry Was a Race Car Driver by Primus, what's yours?

@kyle I don’t think there is a song that exists that can ever make me wreck my car.

@kyle Black Sunshine by White Zombie gets me in trouble.

@kyle ozzy's "over the mountain". Although the cars previous owner blew up both speakers, which causes driving speed to be minimally affected. There is often a correlation between my volume knob and the perceived acceptable speed ^^

@kyle back in my racing days I used to listen to When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin during every run, so when it comes on now I’m still inclined to want to nail every apex. Not even an up tempo song, but it always helped me remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast.


My car passes it's time in the garage.

For a change I'm trying not to use it (a lot more succefully than I expected).

Therefore my song is Nine Million Bycicles by Katie Meluah - letting me glide along feeling the wind.

@kyle Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Especially if there's a thunderstorm nearby.

Back in the day, my car had a 6 cd charger. The 6th cd always was 100% that song, like however many copies would fit. That way if I saw a storm all I had to do was hit 6, roll the windows down and downshift.

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