I attached a USB-C hub to my laptop dock using a flattened IKEA bracket and some 3M tape. Now I can easily use it and see both screens from my lap. A bit hacky but it works.

@kyle wait is the phone driving the laptop, or it's just sits there?


@rgk @crunklord420 The phone is driving the "laptop" as the laptop dock is just a display, battery, keyboard and mouse in a laptop shell with no CPU of its own.

@kyle @crunklord420 oh okay, then don't listen to crunk, that's okay.

@Azt3c It's not a laptop, but a Librem 5 phone attacked to a Nexdock2 laptop dock. All the software is running on the Librem 5, the laptop shell is just providing a display, keyboard, mouse, and battery

@0x1C3B00DA This is a discontinued Nexdock 2. It currently works w/ an external hub in "Raspberry Pi mode". The (also now discontinued) Nexdock Touch works directly with a USB-C cable but touchscreen doesn't (yet) work. It seems each model has differences in how it negotiates, which requires a lot of testing and troubleshooting for our team, so I can't say ahead of time how well the next model will work.

@kyle you guys should sell a dock that works for sure through the purism website and that is tested 8)!

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