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I paid a contractor w/ a credit card over the phone. I wanted a receipt, gave him an email. He uses Square, they linked that CC and email, now every purchase w/ that CC at a Square kiosk generates an email receipt. I have no account, how do I opt out/unlink?

Follow up: in the brief time that my email was in Square's system, they opted me into ads from a local merchant I used the card at a month before Square got my email. So I get to opt out of those now too...

By the way, I know all of this because I've been handing out custom per-use email addresses for years. Makes it easy to find when someone sells you out.

@kyle opt-out of receiving email receipts or opt-out your email address of Square entirely?

@mikemac They followed up on twitter--turns out if you view the *HTML* email you can see a "not my receipt?" link at the bottom you can use to opt-out.

@kyle I hate that! I gave them a spam-bucket address, but I think they also have my spam-bucket phone number too.

@kyle such as this one that was in the comments there on that thread complaining about square email receipts

‎10-31-2016 09:06 PM

NOT SOLVED  My customers are complaining.

Friday I had a woman call becuase she got an email receipt, and had not been to our shop that day.  Turned out it was a credit card shared with her mother.  We are in a medical building, and that is how she found out her mother was at the doctor.  As I am sure  you know, there are all kind of rules about patient privacy. 

@kyle and lastly another company CVS is doing it as well in the USA all retailers will switch to it as it's easier to mass collect emails to send em ads and stuff too and sell the emails to 3rd parties so it's a matter of time before most all of em will do it sadly

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