@alex is spinster federating? It seems that it doesn't at least with social.librem.one

I like @sir but sometimes he gets too fired up and misses stuff that people (including me) like to point to. But I like him!

@a1batross any chance we can get rss reader feature in ? Pretty please 😍

Hey @alex can you explain the big picture for soapbox-fe. Does it make a http request to the backend endpoint, and generate entire page using js?

Hey @alex where I can download spinster apk for Android?

Hey @alex where can I download spinster for Android?

@codeberg@mastodon.technology any plans for a ci?

Hey @alex have you considered self update for the spinster app? Stack overflow has some solutions for that.

Hey @codeberg@mastodon.technology what is you stance regarding gitlab drama? What are the guarantees you won't do the same (track your users)?

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