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Your Phone Is Your Castle

"If your home is your physical castle, your phone is your digital castle. More than any other computer, your phone has become the most personal of personal computers and holds the most sensitive digital property a person has..."


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They Found a Way to Limit Big Tech’s Power: Using the Design of Bitcoin

Companies inspired by the cryptocurrency are creating social networks, storing online content and hosting websites without any central authority.


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Facebook makes jokes downplaying its influence, but its dominance over users' Internet experience and online speech is no laughing matter, says EFF's @cSchmon. Let's have an honest debate about monopolies and the monetization of political polarization. independent.co.uk/life-style/g

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New quantum receiver the first to detect entire radio frequency spectrum from zero frequency up to 20 GHz

The Rydberg spectrum analyzer has the potential to surpass fundamental limitations of traditional electronics in sensitivity, bandwidth and frequency range. Because of this, the lab's Rydberg spectrum analyzer and other quantum sensors have the potential to unlock a new frontier of Army sensors for spectrum awareness, electronic warfare, sensing and communications—part of the Army's modernization strategy.
See New quantum receiver the first to detect entire radio frequency spectrum
#technology #radio #RF
phys.org/news/2021-02-quantum- squeet.me/objects/962c3e10bcd3

@leetaur , do you have any recommendations for other accounts to follow? I'm new to the mastodon platform and wanted to build my network.

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Weber’s latest gas grills have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and digital displays - Your grill now has the same spec sheet as your smartphone

Weber is expanding its line of internet-connected grills to encompass its popular gas models, including the company’s entry-level Spirt lineup, offering Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for tracking temperature and an integrated digital display.
I still have one of the original iGrill's with the wire probes and the dedicated Wi-Fi belt clip-on devices (before there were phone apps for that). It was great if you wanted to watch TV and not stand by the grill (and it worked well) but the whole point is actually to stand by the grill and all argue about how well cooked the meat is... Maybe built-in Spotify would have been better
See Weber’s latest gas grills have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and digital displays

theverge.com/2021/2/9/22274773 squeet.me/objects/962c3e10dc8f

@orangecomputer , I'm very new to Librem One and am planning on buying a Librem 5 and Librem 14 laptop in the near future in my effort to leave big tech behind. I noticed your posts on a User Group meeting in . Would this bee a good forum for learning more about Linux as a newbie?

My first time on a distributed social network. Just created my Librem account as well. Looking forward to leaving big tech behind.

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