What's the best way of communicating with people in a world where everyone uses Facebook Messenger? I don't use it, so I usually (well, always) resort to communication via SMS, but that's hardly better! I want to care for my friends and their privacy and security.
But I can hardly go around telling everyone to get a Jabber ID to chat with me! It's rude, and disrespectful.
I want to care for my friends and respect them, but also love them by going out of my way to communicate.
What should I do?

Also one of the more interesting ways of preventing a Bible getting wet during rain

This is definitely one of my more interesting ways of preventing cheese spillages during travel

Remember to spread a little joy to those game developers who created something you love.


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I feel like I'm old enough to stop writing "Hello World" programs.

Will switch to "Bye World" which seems much more appropriate.

The Bitterbynde Trilogy: the most enchanting book series that I have ever come across - and I'm loving every word of it; it's so magically well written 😍
I'm on the second book now, and I still can't recommend it enough!

Windows XP hid file extensions by default because Microsoft thought people would think they were confusing, and then when everybody ran cutekitten.jpg.exe they predictably put out a security alert saying whoops, that was a terrible idea, everyone should change these settings to show extensions. And then in Vista they hid the extensions again and then issued another security bulletin saying whoops we did it again, here's how you put it right

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The keyboard on this ThinkPad X1 Fold has a dedicated... Wait for it...
Emoji button.

Had my wisdom teeth taken out today
My face feels so numb numb numb... 😴

psa for switch users, google analytics 

Anyone here Minecraft players? What are your favourite mods/modpacks? Or do you like playing vanilla?

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