‘Zoom is malware’: why experts worry about the video conferencing platform

Let's be clear. The lack of focus on privacy and security, while a typical silicon valley flaw, was a choice of profit over security.

Meanwhile, Mac users should immediately remove the #Zoom app again as they have a full root take-over risks, plus invisible webcam audio/video leak on their system.


What's the best IDE?

FINALLY got a long-overdue PCIE Wireless Network Adapter - good bye slow dongle! 😁

Which do you prefer? I can't decide...

Donate your spare CPU + GPU compute power to help research and fight #Coronavirus {COVID-19}.

I've setup a Linux For Everyone team. Download folding@home and enter Team #240869. Thank you!


You know you've failed at making lasagna when you have to take the smoke detector out 😉

The Dutch government recommends its own departments not to use #Office365 for #security & #privacy reasons. Add cost & vendor-lock-in...

There's a viable alternative already widely deployed in federal & local gov't across Europe: nextcloud.com/industries/gover

It's fine to not be able to articulate your rationale for something (unless you're in a position of authority or you're supposed to be an expert.)

"I just like it", "that's just how I feel" or "I don't know" are perfectly acceptable answers in 90% of situations. Life isn't a debating society.

Baked some baked goods today (obviously), even managed to burn my finger by forgetting the oven mits!
When baking, churn, don't burn ;)

RT @MarcoInEnglish@twitter.com

Now that Mozilla's IRC replacement is officially announced, it is time to tell you where you can find the #a11y team on the Matrix: matrix.to/#/#Accessibility:moz. We're all hanging out there and discuss all engineering in the open again. \o/ Come join us! twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/MarcoInEnglish/sta

Thus begins my student life... moved into an apartment and set up my stuff; very cozy

What always puzzles me when I have to work with #Windows is the freeware culture. I had to try 4 apps from the store to finally extract a rar file.
On #Linux I just install unrar package and then use the default archive manager. No ads, no user data collection, no "the file is too large for free version".

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