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If you are looking forward to returning to an office because your office is nicer than your home, your employer should pay you more.

Stripe is looking for a staff engineer to lead an evolution of its legacy data ETL tools onto a modern data platform. It’s an important role at an incredible company doing ambitious work.

available in Sverige, Ireland, España, Deutschland

Early in my career, a CEO told me I couldn’t be a moral person. He said he couldn’t support my (gay) marriage. He brought my sex life into the office conversation.

This is why employee resource groups matter. Here is how I started one.

I gotta doozy of a blog post coming out tomorrow morning: a personal story I have wanted to share for over a decade and a resource to help prevent similar trauma.

Ignore the trailer.

“Q-Force” on Netflix is hilarious queer cartoon excellence!

🤣 🏳️‍🌈 💖

I’m really happy and life is fucking good. I wish the same for you.

the dude who has a 6pt font on his blog is whining about Safari 15’s tab usability

It’s adorable that Quora thinks I $5/month like it to subscribe.

Sorry honey child, you are not OnlyFans. Better off adopting .

Swedish English lesson

Apartment in American English = 100% home you rent

Apartment in Swenglish = ownership or rentership ambiguous, just means a multi-unit dwelling

Condo in US: 100% home you own

Condo in Swenglish = [confused looks]

Linux will win the desktop before Apple Keynote supports SVG images.

(which is to say: Apple Keynote will never support SVG images)

I took a huge loss in the turnip market this week. Checked twice every day and the sell price was always lower than purchase price. Daisy Mae should go to jail over this. I demand Tom Nook enact consumer financial protections.

US companies paying remote employees in other countries less than their US-based peers is economic imperialism.

Apple dot com designers love scroll-linked effects more than everyone else in the world combined.

Stripe is growing its engineering, sales, operations, legal, and finance teams in Europe (remote or officed).

It's hosting a virtual event on Sept 15 to share more about Stripe’s growth in EMEA and the problems it's trying to solve.


“Diversity contains as many treasures as those waiting for us on other worlds. We will find it impossible to fear diversity and to enter the future at the same time.”

—Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator

Old soul, waiting my turn.

I know a few things, but I still got a lot to learn.

I’m alright with a slow burn.

I am tired of dystopian, vigilante justice, physical violence-for-good narratives. Where are the optimistic, diplomacy promoting, and emotionally mature storylines, Hollywood?

I want Captain Planet for adults.

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My Nintendo Switch died overnight and I am very sad about the impact to my Animal Crossing: New Horizon construction schedule.

Hoping the cloud backup happened before the crash and that the repair people are fast. 😩

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