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🇸🇪 Svenskar: I am seeking a lawyer specializing in legal name changes. Do you know of one?

wide ass font.

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Thank you President Biden for *finally* getting the US out of Afghanistan.

Democrats still cleaning up after President GWB…

Listening to Savage Garden made me want to find the origin of the “chic-a-cherry cola” in “I Want You”.

Someone in 2004 answered, “It's an artificial food product related to Chickity China (the Chinese chicken), but with less MSG.” 🤣

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The line “I believe you can’t control or choose your sexuality” in Savage Garden’s “Affirmation” hit me so hard the first time I heard it I nearly cried. This was 4 years after the album was released, but I didn’t listen to "secular" music until I was 19.

I did not realize this inevitability until having time and distance to reflect. So much opportunity, brand equity, and talent wasted by well-intentioned, but unskilled executive leadership. InVision was so close to greatness and just hurts to think about what could have been.

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I left InVision 3 weeks ago.

I learned how to collaborate asynchronously.

I worked with incredible people.

But all I can think about now are the lessons from how a scale-up raised $350M, achieved $100M ARR, and failed. (Failed meaning no path to successful exit in this case.)

part 3: Facebook protects borderline hate speech more than the recipients of the hate.

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“data” but pronounced like “ta-da!” ✨

A year ago, I started a personal campaign to . I explained my reasoning hoping others might join me.

I will share a Facebook-free year retrospective in September.

what do you do when cryptobro libertarianism tries to quantify human connection in an online community

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