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Reality tv inevitabilities

: discovering the value of lists

: some queen not learning to sew for the sewing challenge

: men being upset about the shero falling in love with multiple men

Watching “Muppet Babies” as a kid prepared me for enduring a pandemic as an adult.

🎶 When your world looks kinda weird
and you wish you weren’t there,
close your eyes and make believe
that you could be anywhere 🎶

February 2021 is ISO 8601 week perfection: first day is a Monday and lasts precisely 4 weeks long.

My husband made me watch “Psycho Goreman” tonight and I don’t know if I can trust him anymore.

Redditors taking out hedge funds is the Occupy Wall St tactic we should have figured out sooner. Genius.

The companies I am referring to are Cloudflare, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, and Stripe. They already have some level of international and EU presence. It’s not about legal overhead.

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I’m not looking, but every remote job listing explicitly not available to Europeans reminds me of how opportunity is not equally distributed—and neither are the companies, really.

Overlaps hours = not async = not really remote, just not colocated

I want a more advanced spreadsheet I do not have build myself. I have investments with multiple companies, so I need something independent.

I want to determine how much to save by when, with various scenarios (retirement age/spending changes/etc).

Anyone use Maxifi Planner?

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Managers, please remove “connective tissue” from your vernacular.

What is the best personal retirement planning software?

Reminder that TikTok is owned by a Chinese company legally obligated to share all of its data with the Chinese govt.

What Facebook was to Cambridge Analytica, TikTok is to the Chinese govt. This is not hyperbole.

My husband and I started watching “Halt and Catch Fire” last night. The first 3 episodes made me realize Apple today is the IBM of 1980.

w00t! Finished my !

Kiva Bingo helps lenders loan to all 76 countries, 15 sectors, and 163 activities Kiva operates in—built entirely in Postman using the Kiva API.

Also, it worked: I had to lend to 5 more activities to demo bingo 😃

I no longer feel ashamed to be American, but we have a lot of work to do before I will be proud to be American again. Living in Sverige has made me realize how far America is from greatness by a modern standard.

Gone like a freight train
Gone like yesterday
Gone like a soldier in the Civil War
Bang bang

I was so excited for my new pull-up bar at home that I did 50 pull-ups yesterday.

But today, my lats have informed me they didn't like that.

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