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Swedes: how do I stop getting telemarketer calls on my cell? In the US, there is a national do not call list. Is there something similar here?

Related: There is increasing contention between NPS surveys and annoying chatbot pop-ups in the lower right corner.

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Most of my non-authenticated web browsing is now scrolling the content behind the cookie modal and hoping I can get what I need without having to reject ad cookies in order to click a link.

Unless everyone gets paid the same, it’s not a flat hierarchy.

Can we stop with this idiotic corporate culture meme already?

Back in the Nordics, so putting my wedding ring back on and the Pride flag back in my social media profiles. Maybe one day traveling to religious countries will not involve precautions for hostility towards LGBTQ people.

Does anyone know how to get around Norwegian Airline’s social media block? Alt DNS and VPNs don’t work.

(My Mastodon server isn’t blocked, but this will get reposted to Twitter, where I can’t see replies because of stated social media block.)

Why didn’t someone tell me donkeys are adorable? They are cartoonish and have soft fur. This one just wanted to snuggle and seemed sad when I stopped petting. I wish I had had a treat to give it.

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I didn’t post much in the last week because I was hanging out with fellow Democrats abroad in the Sahara Desert.

Anti-Black Friday marketing is the new Black Friday marketing. It’s still marketing, only without any customer benefit.

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A few reminders about Mike Bloomberg:

He endorsed George W. Bush for reelection in 2004.

He endorsed Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren.

He's donated millions to help Republicans win in NY and across the country.

He will not — and should not — be the Democratic nominee.

I just published my first Wikipedia article. It got rejected in less than 5 minutes.

Apparently major landmarks in Helsinki are not notable? Any Finns disagree?

If you are a Wikipedia reviewer, I could use some help.

I am in Ireland for the first time. Dublin is nice, but I’ve been told to visit Triplin and Quadruplin next.

has a subreddit. Come join if you are interested in discussing the proposed Web standard, , and other on Reddit.

2 of the only 3 candidates to poll nationally with double digits share the same platform of big, structural change. Millennials and Gen Z just need to show up on Election Day.

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