I just published my first Wikipedia article. It got rejected in less than 5 minutes.

Apparently major landmarks in Helsinki are not notable? Any Finns disagree?

If you are a Wikipedia reviewer, I could use some help.

@jeremiahlee I'm not a reviewer, but I've added several new articles. More references from reputable sources generally help get things approved.

@jeremiahlee Hm. The second paragraph of my reply got lost.It was something like: If you can point to references from different reputable sources then that *makes* a thing notable. Demonstrating that others care enough to write about a thing proves it’s worth writing about.

@da I can understand that reasoning for many subjects. I counter that one of the largest manmade structures in a major city is inherently notable. Other older Ferris wheels in other cities have very little modern reporting on them and I fear they will be declared not notable by Wikipedia trolls despite many people paying to ride them every year.

@jeremiahlee You can write about it on your own blog if Wikipedia doesn't want your article.

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