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Purism: A Social Purpose Company Unveils Librem One™ to Protect the Privacy of Online Daters & Other Digital Consumers - [Dating News]

Sensor calibration settings can be used by apps/sites to fingerprint iOS and Android phones.

We added a "Lockdown Mode" for the Librem 5 which allows you to defend against this.

Librem 5 Lockdown Mode:

Sensor Calibration Attack:

Librem 5 – End of May Progress Update

So many changes -- kernel updates, making calls, messaging, adaptive UI improvements, documentation, and more. Plus some quick video clips demonstrating some of the software work (including running on dev kit)!

I'm a bit late to the party, but congrats to - it couldn't have happened to a nicer team.

I’m looking for a consultant regarding EU funding for MNT Reform (open source hardware portable computer/platform), maybe in the context of Horizon 2020 or similar. Please RT

Mini-DebConf Marseille (France) is only in 10 days! See the schedules and register on #Debian #DebianFrance

Always wanted to create a Gtk Application using Python, build it using Meson, package it as a Flatpak and submit to Flathub?
Here's the first tutorial for you
We will be building a Todo application. Feedback is appreciated!

Librem Mail 0.1.1 for Android is now available on the Google Play Store.

* Fixed notifications
* Changed default privacy settings to hide the user agent, hide the time zone, and hide the host name when connecting
* Translation & string fixes

For those that use Android but do not like using the Google Play Store: We plan to make the applications available via F-Droid. No hard ETA yet, but it's in the works. More info on that once available.

GNOME Chromecast Extension "Cast to TV" v9 Adds Subtitle Configuration, Nautilus Integration
#Linux#Gnome#Ubuntu#FedoraCast to TV, a GNOME Shell extension to cast videos (with transcoding if needed), music and pictures to Chromecast, web browser or media player app over the local network, has had a new major release.

I was interviewed by Fast Company about @purism hardware kill switches in this piece on the current trend to put them in home automation devices to address everyone's unease with always-on cameras and mics in their bedroom.

A quick hack to support in gnome-online-accounts for mail account setup

Testing the 'tootle' app on PureOS. Works pretty well with Mastodon and Librem One. It pulls in some Elementary icons apparently so it's not "pure GNOME". Might be good to have a more featureful GNOME client if anyone is interested in making that.

Got privacy questions? Experts @SenHannahBeth, @EFFFalcon, @fightfortheftr, and @ACLU_NorCal have answers. Join our Reddit AMA 12p PT to talk privacy and the only bill in CA to strengthen privacy enforcement, SB 561. See you there, 12pm-2pm PT:

RT @eff: When tech companies ban an entire category of content, they have a history of overcorrecting and censoring accurate, useful speech…

.@torproject protects people facing real threats to their liberty, autonomy, and lives. All privacy-by-design technologies can be used by criminals. Arguments against Tor that merely highlight criminal activity have been levied against the Internet in general, esp. by the worst dictators.

This last week all Firefox addons were accidentally disabled due to issues in Mozilla certs. Many security measures out there require full, unrevokable trust in the vendor for them to work and this is a great example of the risks with that approach. Imagine if that ever happened with SecureBoot...

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