@JackieLibre @olimex I'd be interested in checking it out. I actually created a rudimentary enclosure for this board several months ago (in OpenSCAD as well!) but didn't have the spare time to refine it. If you decide to publish it, I'll definitely take a look at it. I don't have a 3D printer available to me to test the prints, however, but I can see what I can do.

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I was working on #3dprinted #enclosure for @olimex #Lime2

The SATA port does not fit as neatly as it could and the board is actually attached to the box with just one screw, but it works. 🙂

If anyone would like to print their own box or even better improve it, move the holes for ports and screws by a few milliliters, so they will fit more tightly, let me know and I will upload the #STL and #OpenSCAD files on GitLab, FramaGit or somewhere. :openhardware:

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Vanilla @debian is installed/running on my @olimex TERES-I laptop via debian-installer. If you experience a black screen upon bootup, there is a workaround: remove the installation media at the debian-installer boot select menu. What does this mean? You can easily create your own installer media (a ~90MB image) to install the operating system the way it was designed to be installed. You don't need a custom image sourced from a vendor.


@tootbrute I can't yet wean off my primary server until some more heavyweight systems are supported (namely Nextcloud and GitLab, maybe Plex or Kodi), but I've found it extremely promising to use (and easy to install/configure) lighter-weight services such as web-hosting, proxies and VPNs, contact/calendar sync, etc. In fact, the kit they offer using the Olimex board handles a surprising number of simultaneous services given the small form factor.

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The Librem 5 impacts Linux desktops makeuseof.com/tag/librem-5-pho

1. Adaptive GNOME Apps
2. Desktop-Compatible Mobile Apps
3. Improvements to Upstream Projects
4. More Options for Private Communications
5. Hardware Kill Switches

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ICYMI, Google announced a pay-to-play ballot box for alternate search engine options on Android devices, meaning only competitors w/the highest bid appear

Our Founder & CEO, @yegg, called on regulators to get consumers the choices they deserve.


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No laptop should have an expiration date. For the sake of your freedom and to guard against needless electronic waste, avoid Google Chromebooks: https://u.fsf.org/2wb

@zeh @cjd I personally like the TERES-I from Olimex. The specs are currently more reflective of the original Pinebook, except the laptop is just about as open/libre as can be. All the design files are created with KiCad and there is even a 3D-printable enclosure available.

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I've just stumbled across this channel but I really like the way the presenter explains features and technical pros/cons of various & boards. For example, here is a recent unboxing and review of the @olimex OSHW-certified ESP32-POE-ISO board: youtube.com/watch?v=O3-UaSKSFu

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#FreedomBox is a free and open source home server system. You can install our software on your own hardware, or you can buy an all-inclusive hardware kit!

@olimex sells the first-ever FreedomBox product: the Pioneer Edition FreedomBox.

Buy it here: olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/

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A unique job opportunity in the growing field of 3D printing, in one of the world's only IT environments running exclusively free software. Check the full job description here, and apply as a GNU/Linux sysadmin: https://u.fsf.org/2vs
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last shot for today, 741 left. at least 200 are solved when filling a GND plane, so around 500 left for real. most of USB, displays, main power, audio, ethernet is done. a lot of fiddly stuff left for the charger/battery cells controls and the LPC (microcontroller). this board might look unusually bulky because i always tried to choose components that are hand-serviceable, so avoided BGA, QFNs and passives smaller than 0603.

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NEWS: The OLinuXino line of single-board computers has officially been certified as "Open Source Hardware" by the Open Source Hardware Association! 🎉

This means the Pioneer Edition #FreedomBox kit is officially #OSHW! Join us in congratulating @olimex!

Details here: olimex.wordpress.com/2019/07/0

Certification for the LIME2 is here: certification.oshwa.org/bg0000

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