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We want to congratulate the @Matrix@twitter.com project on reaching 1.0 and starting the Matrix foundation! And yes, Talk interoperability is on our minds 🤔 #decentralization

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Sharing failures helps remind people that projects often don't go according to plan and not to get discouraged when things don't work right on the first (or fifth) try.

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Matrix version 1.0 has been released! We think Matrix is already so good that you could host it on a home server and use it to replace Whatsapp.

We even made a video tutorial!

📺 VIDEO: "FreedomBox Tutorial: Setting Up a Chat Server with Matrix and Riot"

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NEWS: #FreedomBox now supports two new hardware models: the Lamobo R1 and the PINE A64-LTS single-board computers! 🎉🎉🎉

This means that we'll publish OS images for each of these two boards whenever a new version of #FreedomBox is released.

Full story:

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The new daily mantra of Amazon Alexa owners?
“Alexa, delete everything I said today”.

@natjlevy reports you can now delete recordings with a simple voice command, but sadly only a partial day's worth.“ Alexa, delete what I just said” also works. geekwire.com/2019/now-can-eras

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#FreeSoftware has a lot of potential in the developing world.

In rural India, 12 villages use #FreedomBox to host free digital services. Activists have re-purposed old computers into FreedomBoxes, mounted them on posts, and served entire villages with free wi-fi and digital services.

These rural #FreedomBox networks got covered in the Times of India.

READ: ‘Every old computer is a potential server that can bring Internet connectivity to an entire village’


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Near the bottom of the librem.one FAQ:

"Will you release your apps on F-Droid? Yes! In the meantime, any app that speaks our open protocols will work."

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We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One librem.one Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. No ads! No tracking! No data sharing! Just the best end-to-end encrypted communication and social. Join the revolution today and take back control of your data and life

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