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There are a couple of open source Mastodon clients that run on MacOS but are one-person projects. I'm thinking and It looks like they need some love. Is anyone thinking of working on them? I have practically zero background in desktop apps, but I'm still tempted to join in any such effort.

Corneille bien sous tout rapport cherche autres corneilles à suivre sur Mastodon. Si vous aimez les corneilles, signalez-vous 👋

#Crowstodon assemble! If you're a fellow crow enjoyer, make yourself known and the Parisian ringed crows will follow you.

Are you interested in distributed systems, how Mastodon federation really works, and related implications for testing & operations? Do yourself a favor & read @nova’s excellent writeup of experiments with

@agreenberg @bbbhltz +1 for using Nitter links instead of Twitter because no user tracking is involved in these.

@WinslowSP vous connaissez #OpenStreetMap ?

Ce serait préférable à #GoogleMaps et sa collecté éfrenée de données personnelles, surtout pour votre domaine qui touche à la santé.

@osm_fr propose qui permet de faire ce type de cartes, sans tracking, sans collecte de données... et tout est #floss



L'Univers a ~13,8 milliards d'années. Je me rends bien compte que c'est difficile d'imaginer une histoire aussi longue. Ça vous dit de lire un résumé de tout ça en un thread? Une brève histoire de l'Univers et de la vie sur Terre en un thread?👇



Welcome to Sadr region nebula! Even though it's not one of the more iconic nebulae, it's one of my absolute favorites. There is so much happening here: the bright star Sadr (Gamma Cygni) in the bottom right, one of the main stars in the Cygnus constellation. A star cluster (NGC 6910) in the upper right, distinct halpha, OIII and SII regions and lots of dark clouds. The whole thing is about 4,900 light years away from earth. Total exposure about 16 hours. #space #astronomy #astrophotography

Almost 180k new users joined #mastodon yesterday, a new record. This third #twitterMigration wave happened after Musk's Twitter 2.0 ultimatum to #Twitter workers. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. Here is my updated plot showing the three consecutive waves.

No technology can save us from ourselves, but building a more interoperable social media environment could be our do-over on the current lock-in model. It could be awesome, if we don’t screw it up.

Fun on Saturday 🙂
Crows are clever. So I am trying to teach them basic mathematics with the help of the dog biscuits they love.
Not so sure if it worked, but one of them took off with the result! 😀

#crows #dogbiscuits #photography #fun #birds #bonio #canon #math #krähe #notserious

Have been here about 3 weeks now, so am happy to share some information with new arrivals.

1. The T in Mastodon is silent to discourage the use of letters found in the word Twitter

2. That guy in the corner is Abe, he bites redheads and shouldn't be woken between 2pm and 9.15pm

3. The colour verdigris is not banned but is strongly discouraged

4. Question marks are now commas

5. Jokes must be exactly 173 characters long and/or in rhyming couplets

6. Fun is mandatory but rationed, for safety

Let me show you some of my wide field work! When I am not searching for dark skies here in Germany, I love the darkness of the canary islands. Especially Tenerife has some amazing places for milky way photography.

💫🔭 IC434, Horsehead nebula is an emission n. in the Orion const. Stack of 1081 subs. Is at about 1500LY distance. Processed with #Pixinsight. Work in progress. #MyStellina @Vaonis_fr #vaoniscommunity #stargazing #cosmos#astrophotogrraphy #Universe #astronomy #deepsky #night #nightscape #IC434 🔭💫

Je travaille le bois aussi et depuis que je me suis mis au laser, je m'amuse beaucoup.

Allez, on Re-pouet pour que les gens qui aiment ce genre de créations puissent m'ajouter sur leur accueil, merci d'avance les gens.

cœur avec les doigts.

IC1848 Soul Nebula in narrowband (SHO) + true-color stars. Been a while since I've finished anything new since the run of good weather we'd been having has broken, and been busy with the big project. I did screw up acquisition on this one; a little short on SII (though the extra OIII didn't hurt).

20h total integration, deets as usual at Astrobin:

Having a gorgeous Tie Guan Yin oolong after what feels like a non-stop ordeal of a work week. Glad for the little things that make it all okay in the end.

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