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Good morning Tooters, happy to be on here with fellow #photography lovers.
I will try not to be boring with my #birds but my birds will surely be more attractive than ol’ Tweetybird😜

I've figured out what pisses me off so much about Facebook's Galactica demo.

It's not because people can use to to write bad essays for their homework. There are plenty of large language models that can do that. It's because Facebook is presenting it as something that it most definitely is not.

Facebook is selling it as a knowledge engine, a "new interface to access and manipulate what we know about the universe."

Actually it's just a random bullshit generator.

Hi, I’m Kaeli Swift, your friendly neighborhood corvid expert. I love talking about crows and fielding questions so feel free to shoot me your queries!

Ok, professional intro out of the way… WTF is this platform, how does it work, why can’t I find my scicomm peeps, IDK what’s going onnnnnn truly this feels like I came to class late and am joining and in-progress group assignment

I forgot to do an #introduction I make and sell #needlefelt animals and write and illustrate picture books about them published by Graffeg. I am non binary and bi live in #Wales and getting on a bit, have 4 cats and a lurcher. I also do stop motion animations just to make people smile. Kindness and mischief all the way. #LGBTQ #books #artist #illustration

A beginning is a very delicate time.

🎉 #Mastodon 4.0 is out now! This server software update includes a ton of improvements, like following hashtags, translating posts, editing, an improved filtering system, customizable user roles for administration, but also some important security fixes.

Check out the full changelog:

Les passagers de l'embarcation naufragée étaient en eaux anglaises. Aussi l'opérateur a-t-il obéi aux injonctions du sommet de l'Etat: se moquer des victimes et empêcher un navire de les aider.

27 morts.
27 meurtres par barbarie.


👋 Hi all ! I am a research engineer at CNRS 🇫🇷, working at the UAR RIATE on the development of applications or libraries for the visualization or the processing of geographic information.
I did my PhD in Grenoble 🏔️🚁 about Semantic Web and geovisualisation.

I love #foss, #python, #rust, #JSspatial, #osm, #dataviz, #qgis and #gis in general.
Also maintainer of 🗺️ (thematic cartography tool).

Are you the kind of person who likes to spend hours exploring #HistoricalMaps of your neighbourhood? This might be exactly the thing for you...

Hi friends - at the advice of some helpful followers, I've migrated my account to this server.

I've tweeted about it here, and you'll see that my Linktree also links to this new profile.

Excited to be here with you all!

So I'll start as I'd like to think I'll go on - with a photo! And I'll start with a good one! It's not new, but hey, you've probably not seen it before 😂

#Peebles in the Scottish Borders at sunset, a January a few years ago

It was spectacular! And pure luck that the photo wasn't ruined by camera shake as I was shooting over a 6 foot wall!

TO JOURNALISTS: Please don't use Mastodon for private messages. Instead, use an encrypted messenger.

If you want something decentralized, I suggest XMPP or The Matrix.

Good old fashioned email also works.

There's also an instant messenger known as DeltaChat that's based on email protocols, and sends your chats to email—where they can be stored and archives.

Someone managed to wipe $16bn off of Eli Lilly's valuation by paying $8 to verify a parody account, then tweeting that they're making insulin free

Bon, une petite présentation s'impose ! Enchanté, Arlo, illustrateur free-lance, j'aime travailler la couleur, le thème de la nuit et créer des histoires pour l'enfant que je suis resté. Welcome here ⭐🌙✨ #artodon #illustrator #illustration #freelance #procreate #drawing #painting #art #artwork

I am wreaking a little havoc on Twitter right now. I’m feeling quite smug.

If you want to find out about the work I've done on the sim to date, it's here for now:

I say "for now" because I'm in the middle of redoing all my web sites. (Recently took down Eventually I'll send an update to the newsletter subscribers over there to watch my mastodon feed here for updates & will repurpose that URL.

Not sure where I'll put the existing content. Since it's of limited interest, might just store it privately. So, read while you can?

So gives me the capacity to add my own in preferences. How does that work? Is there an Apps repository somewhere?

I'd like to hear what people want out of #ScienceMastodon

To me, the best bit of Twitter has been learning and chatting about cool science; and hearing what my colleagues are up to. At it's best it's the poster session at a conference

But instead the algorithm gives you this toxic--but highly addictive--sludge

So I'd love to recreate the best bits of that here--I'd love to be able to come here and consistently learn from interesting people (and keep the existential doom elsewhere)


Salut, moi c’est Éric, et je suis informaticien au nord de Londres.

J’ai de multiples intérêts, changeants en fonction de ce qui m’intéresse au jour le jour.

Toute suggestion de groupes ou comptes sur Mastodon est la bienvenue.

Ce qui m’intéresse en général : -fiction

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