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Hello, I’m Éric, and I’m a developer working in North London.

I have many interests, and built up a list on Twitter which was eclectic and entertaining, around a variety of topics.

If you have a moment, please suggest groups or accounts which you think might be of interest.

Publishing rights vs copyright are related, but very important concepts to understand...especially if someone is asking you for the copyright to a work in your contract. Brush up your knowledge at Writer Beware:

The lawsuit we're fighting isn’t just about the Internet Archive. It will determine the future of all libraries & their patrons, including those with print disabilities. #Accesstoknowledge for diverse communities will be impacted 🌍

Over the next 20 days until we go to court, we’ll be giving you 20 reasons to care about this lawsuit. We can’t wait to introduce you to the teachers, doctors, journalists & many more who rely on our lending library #EmpoweringLibraries

Nous avons payé 450 000€ pour un rapport médiocre sur les 1000 premiers jours de l’enfant – alors que Boris Cyrulnik avait rendu gratuitement son rapport sur le sujet.

Is it any wonder that we have a problem with #racism in Ireland when our Government engages in 'State sanctioned racism'...
RT @TadhgHickey: And so the Irish government put on record that they perceive a qualitative difference between a white person fleeing war versus a person of colour. This is state sanctioned racism and a shameful day in our history.


I find I'm having to turn to Twitter to find resources / people in the field of (). Are there dedicated spaces / people in the Fediverse who are students / experts in the field and might be able to give pointers to a youngster who just graduated with a degree? Any leads / pointers appreciated. Thank you!

Mastodon CEO Eugen Rochko says he rejected more than five US investors offering "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to preserve the platform's nonprofit status (Ian Johnston/Financial Times)

Adios au créateur de « Chapi Chapo », Italo Bettiol. 96 berges. Moi j'hallucinais de voir ça, j'avais 3 ans, devant mon poste.
Le mec qui avait écrit les paroles du générique, Charles Level (1934-2015), était un compositeur sympa, il avait écrit "la bonne du curé"

I'm doing a lot of research on text input devices for people with chronic joint pain and #arthritis. This is selfish. I'm one of those people.

I'll be documenting my findings along the way.

If anyone has advice, experience, or knowledge in this area please hit me up. I don't have a lot of reach on Mastodon but all of your words are welcome!

#keyboard #keyboards
#mechanicalkeyboard #chronicpain

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🌍 Artist: #TocToc - in City: #Paris France 🇫🇷 - Title: "La jeune fille à la caméra de surveillance" - (The girl with the security camera
Das Mädchen mit der Überwachungskamera) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Vermeer #Artwork #Funart 😁

‘Snowflake on a Raven’s Wing’
Shawn Bergman - Vancouver, BC
#CanadianArtist #CanadianQuotes

“If you can’t be in awe of nature, there is something wrong with you” - Alex Trebek

Was reminded of this during a #Microsoft event this morning. Still great.

Rosalind Franklin’s research was crucial to discovering DNA’s double helix structure 🧬 but it was James Watson & Francis Crick who received the credit & Nobel Prize.

Unknown to Franklin, the pair saw her unpublished data & X-ray diffraction images, inspiring their famous model. They never acknowledged her contribution until after her death.

How many discoveries & innovations of #women do we attribute to the men who took credit for their ideas? #history #science

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