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This is a story that I think did not get nearly enough attention yesterday. Meta just published a report about the action they've taken against 7 more hacking for hire companies and they've included a list of policy suggestions for curbing the hacking for hire industry.

A #StarrySights stunner! 😍

Welcome to NGC 1850, a star cluster about 160,000 light-years away in a satellite galaxy to our own Milky Way, known as the Large Magellanic Cloud.

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Surtout ne ratez pas ces compliments, excuses et remerciements ô combien mérités du député à l'exécutif #Borne/#Macron et son sens aigu de la démocratie parlementaire.

Dessin de Camille Besse ( ) paru dans le numéro de décembre de Causette, pour illustrer un article où la docteure en sociologie Marion Flécher présente sa thèse sur les startups.

5/7 Now I could very easily do without most of the attention seeking posts I'm so used to from Twitter. Yet another who-is-the-greatest-philosopher tweet with 5k likes, yet another aristotle-is-a-loser-fight-me tweet with 50 replies, I don't need it.

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In the spirit of wanting more irreverent content on this platform, and speaking of predatory journals, today I was invited to contribute to a volume on new applications of aspirin.

My invitation came on the strength of a letter I wrote with Brian Wasik and Rich Lenski in Brit. J. Clin. Pharma. in which we noted that Scorsese had been misidentified as Kissinger in a previous report about misidentifications.

Anyway, the letter and my reponse.

This is your regular reminder that the commercial spyware vendor problem is much bigger than just #NSOGroup. Please welcome #Variston. Variston is based on Spain, which has had its own ongoing spyware drama, which included the government buying NSO’s Pegasus and using it to spy on Catalan politicians.

This is the best livestream I've bern able to find for the Mauna Loa eruption. If you have the bandwidth, you can watch in high definition.

If you know of other good livestreams, I encourage you to share them in the comments.

#MaunaLoa #eruption #livestream #volcanos #geology

Half of all Americans now die in #hospice care.

Easy money & a lack of #regulation # transformed a crusade to provide death with dignity into an industry rife with fraud & exploitation.

The most audacious hospice firms enlist family and friends to act as make-believe clients, lure addicts with the promise of free painkillers, or sign up “phantom patients” by stealing personal information.

Endgame: How the Visionary Hospice Movement Became a For-Profit Hustle:

For some thoughts on what should guide content moderation for a social media platform should look like, The Santa Clara Principles are required reading:

The most important thing to recognize is that there are going to be mistakes. That is why transparency and accountability is at the center of these principles.

If you ever had a vaccine, injection or surgery, you are indebted to the ancient & wondrous horseshoe crab.

Why? Its blue blood contains Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) which clumps at contact with bacterial toxins. Animals are caught for their blood to test the sterility of medical equipment & injections.

Unfortunately the harvest is unsustainable & populations are in decline. An effective synthetic substitute has been available for 2 decades & we just need the biomedical industry to switch.

ATTENTION EVERYONE WRINGING THEIR HANDS OVER “#MASTODON ADMINS CAN READ MY DIRECT MESSAGES”: #SysAdmins have *always* been able to read your #email and DMs unless encrypted, including at the big #SocialNetworks and Internet providers. We used to have t-shirts that said, “I READ YOUR EMAIL.”

It’s just hitting now because you got used to places where the admins were kept away in their cubicles and data centers instead of greeting you at the front door.

#privacy #security #InfoSec #cybersecurity

A group at Johns Hopkins has created a scrollable, interactive map of the entire universe, from here to the cosmic microwave background.
Extraordinary discoveries at your fingertips for free, unimaginable when I was a kid. #astronomy #space #exploration

There are a couple of open source Mastodon clients that run on MacOS but are one-person projects. I'm thinking and It looks like they need some love. Is anyone thinking of working on them? I have practically zero background in desktop apps, but I'm still tempted to join in any such effort.

Corneille bien sous tout rapport cherche autres corneilles à suivre sur Mastodon. Si vous aimez les corneilles, signalez-vous 👋

#Crowstodon assemble! If you're a fellow crow enjoyer, make yourself known and the Parisian ringed crows will follow you.

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