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Computer companies in 1982: OWN YOUR OWN COMPUTER

Computer companies today: pay rent on every first of the month

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There's no reason for digital books or **any** other digital media to have the limitations of physical media arbitrarily imposed on them. Digital "lending" is a solved problem: #DayAgainstDRM #Libraries #ebooks

Is anybody as geek-old as me to remember how we kept BBSes free so we could call them more often by writing BEL flood messages (full of ASCII code 7s) so that when users opened them their computer would start beeping madly and they had no choice but to hang up?

What about hiding files from one’s parents by creating folders with ASCII 255 white space characters as names?

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Am I crying? I think I’m crying. Or drooling. Maybe horny. I’m very confused.

Every Apple product, most boxed, plus posters, plus plus plus gaaaaaaaah.

Is it caffeine or love of warm drinks that while sipping the bottom half of a cup of fresh I begin brewing ? Happy cozy fall season! XD *twitch twitch*

There was a partial eclipse in my area. I don't have a filter to photograph it properly, but I caught it in a lense flare. :D A nice accident.

Dammit why did you take away the ability to see a match’s scores after it ends (TAB key) in Overwatch? STOP HIDING EVERYTHING. You take away SR, you take away trophies, you take away the match’s standings…

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I can’t carry any more

Sarah: but-

YOU can’t carry any more

Sarah: …

it had to go somewhere

Sarah: Why do you even have this stuff?


Sarah: what could you possibly need a plunger for in space?

don’t go in the cargo bay if you don’t want to find out

You ever watch the system.log file on an ? It’s hilarious. Shoutout to the developer(s) who added all the sass:

ThrottleInterval set to zero. You're not that important. Ignoring.
The TimeOut key is no longer respected. It never did anything anyway.
This service is defined to be constantly running and is inherently inefficient.
This key does not do anything: OnDemand
Service has increased maximum shutdown time to 65 seconds. This will create a poor experience for the user.

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“I will have to continue to follow X, of course, because it’s part of my job. But it’s time to step back as an engaged user, one who for the past decade has posted several times a day and scrolled countless times more. My eyeballs are no longer for sale to Musk and whatever grotesque content he wants to serve up in front of them.”

The Moral Case for No Longer Engaging With #ElonMusk’s X

Happy Spooktober! Nice park welcoming display I saw recently. 🎃 💀

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"No one wants to work" is just "No one wants to date nice guys" but for employers.

Oh shit. Sarah got into the sauce again. I asked Barrett to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t get sick or trip and hurt herself on a bulkhead.

I’d like to introduce you to my space pet, Rocky. We go everywhere together. Best member of my crew.

Picked him up from an asteroid shelter and we became instant pals. He’s my touchstone. Really keeps me grounded. I ❤️ Rocky.

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It is not a "political belief" to think people should be able to love and have sex with whoever they choose.
It is not a "political belief" to think people of all races are equal and valuable human beings.
It is not a "political belief" to think people know what their own gender is after living in their body regardless what a doctor decided at birth
These are not political beliefs. These are acknowledgments of reality.

Perhaps as a Hunter I’ve been too harsh on Titans. They are VERY useful or attaching trip mines to and then sending them into a group of adds.

Boom! 🤣

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