New to my little physical retro computing collection and love of word processors/productivity suites: Appleworks 6.

This was my main productivity software throughout most of the early 2000s. Such rich features and a wide OS/cpu architecture support spread across classic MacOS through OS X, PPC and Intel.

There was a partial eclipse in my area. I don't have a filter to photograph it properly, but I caught it in a lense flare. :D A nice accident.

Happy Spooktober! Nice park welcoming display I saw recently. 🎃 💀

Oh shit. Sarah got into the sauce again. I asked Barrett to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t get sick or trip and hurt herself on a bulkhead.

I’d like to introduce you to my space pet, Rocky. We go everywhere together. Best member of my crew.

Picked him up from an asteroid shelter and we became instant pals. He’s my touchstone. Really keeps me grounded. I ❤️ Rocky.

Command line shells and Gemini server browser on iPadOS achieved!

-a-shell app
-BONUS: If on an iPad Pro, get a USB-C hub with HDMI out to monitor, and pair keyboard

Load a-shell, and then:
$ pip install leo-gmi (
$ leo --copy-config
$ leo --url

BONUS : Customize your environment (~/Documents):
$ vim .profile
$ config -b black -f white -c grey (put in .profile)
$ alias weather=“curl” (put in .profile)

V2 a Pi based SCSI to microSD interface has breathed new life into my

I chained it into my Zip drive first to mirror the OS and apps and th en chose it as the start volume.

Then I unplugged the Zip drive that's been the system drive for the past 15 years and voilà! Now I can host as many OS versions and apps as I want! 😍

Great work putting this device together and creating this opportunity @BlueSCSI !

#1987 #2023

Run don't walk to this mod/MIDI/and more web based music player with existing catalogue of retro music!

Which do you think is better:

1-My old reliable far-range and high clip auto that has some extra rounds and some damage boost after a kill

2-Or this week's Xur's offering of a lower range but more stable with a chance at x3 damage boost rampage?

I can't decide. Both have their uses. I've been killing adds and the targetting discs on Mars past the crafting room trying to see the range distance improvement with dmg falloff, and I'm not seeing any difference.

"The internet has made it so that we don't have to finish a game or achieve quality before launching it. Patch later amiright haha! We can make random promises to shareholders and keep them. Gamers? What are gamers? Oh the wallet people? We don't deliver to them. We deliver to shareholders."
-- Capitalism

@ronald @chhopsky *audio output selector, I mean. Once the piano is plugged in, all I see is this, and I can’t select headphone-out.

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@ronald @chhopsky And only then does the audio output hop from the USB A of the piano over to the headphone out. Can’t believe iPad OS doesn’t have an audio output audio selected when a USB audio device is connected, but the hack is just to force it to hop over with a sequentially last headphone cable insertion. *shrug*

Might make this my last iPad and stick to laptops in the future. The “pro” of it isn’t pro enough.

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