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I'm not gonna jump in on that thread about 'all men' but I am gonna say this:

While it's true that not all men do X, it is absolutely more true that patriarchy socializes ALL MEN to accept or be blind to certain truths about their position, importance, and relevance in the world.

Almost everything all men think of as 'natural' about their status in the world is not, in fact, true.
It was crafted through oppression, suppression, and violence.

It is also true that it takes an enormous amount of deliberate de-conditioning to throw off patriarchal thinking and praxis.

Those for whom 'not all men' truly apply (which is a small enough number to be sad and pitiful) know this to be true.

And so do the rest of us.

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I have said repeatedly: by all means, Israel should go arrest and prosecute Hamas members for acts of terror. But that doesn't require destroying entire cities or blowing families to bits. That's how cowards and murderers do things. You know, like Hamas.

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a super important bit from this week’s trans tuesday you may have missed

y’know this amazing speech about the impossible standards women are held to?

all of it applies to trans women too, but when we can’t meet them we get punished even *more* for it

@ktnjared I confess that I loved loved loved the Sword of Truth series. 😍

@ktnjared I've seen these way back when they were du jour! Never got to read one though. That would have been fun.

There's also a Windows version included on the installation CD. 😍

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New to my little physical retro computing collection and love of word processors/productivity suites: Appleworks 6.

This was my main productivity software throughout most of the early 2000s. Such rich features and a wide OS/cpu architecture support spread across classic MacOS through OS X, PPC and Intel.

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From IETF RFC 1392
hacker (n):
A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular. The term is often misused in a pejorative context, where "cracker" would be the correct term.

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Computer companies in 1982: OWN YOUR OWN COMPUTER

Computer companies today: pay rent on every first of the month

@TheOuterLinux HI! No I'm not familiar but I'll check it out thanks!

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There's no reason for digital books or **any** other digital media to have the limitations of physical media arbitrarily imposed on them. Digital "lending" is a solved problem: #DayAgainstDRM #Libraries #ebooks

Is anybody as geek-old as me to remember how we kept BBSes free so we could call them more often by writing BEL flood messages (full of ASCII code 7s) so that when users opened them their computer would start beeping madly and they had no choice but to hang up?

What about hiding files from one’s parents by creating folders with ASCII 255 white space characters as names?

@InfiniteHench LOL! I'm also up there in years. We might be mutually respecting. 😅

@InfiniteHench Aha so you've got lots of extra experience and a larger perspective. Then you'd be able to see the trends sooner and more clearly.

@InfiniteHench “Apparently, the device was never designed as a profit-making product. Instead, the firm says, the goal of the brave little device is to increase PS5 engagement.”

Definitely just a PS5 accessory then.

@InfiniteHench I realize. I'm guessing they're taking on as much as they can for the device short of hosting its own games.

Sure reminds me of the Wii U controller though!

@InfiniteHench It's not a handheld system and not meant to be. It's a premium streaming terminal. The system is the PS5 just like GamePass is hosted in a data center. In this use case YOU own the data center.

@InfiniteHench It works with wired headphones. It's a streaming terminal like the software on mobile devices, Xbox Gamepass, Nvidia whatever. Those require separate machines too and peripherals for display and controls.

So to not see this as valuable is to not see any streaming as valuable. Is that the larger point?

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