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Command line shells and Gemini server browser on iPadOS achieved!

-a-shell app
-BONUS: If on an iPad Pro, get a USB-C hub with HDMI out to monitor, and pair keyboard

Load a-shell, and then:
$ pip install leo-gmi (
$ leo --copy-config
$ leo --url

BONUS : Customize your environment (~/Documents):
$ vim .profile
$ config -b black -f white -c grey (put in .profile)
$ alias weather=“curl” (put in .profile)

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It's funny when people tell biologists to get a "real job" in the "real world". The living world *is* the real world. The world of economics and finance, real estate speculators and venture capitalists? *That* is the fake world, operating under the delusion that it isn't embedded in and entirely dependent on the the biosphere and all other aspects of the natural world. The problem is our society, which systematically favors profits in the illusory world over the well being of the real one.

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look ... when you realise that racism keeps white people, not only in power, but also comfortably ignorant ... then you're getting there.

when you realise capitalism was borne out of slavery (cheap labour for maximum profit at the expense of the underclasses - usually non-white but also, by necessity include poor whites, cos profit and power), then you're nearer still.

when you realise dismantling the power and wealth class is the only way to fix this shit ... then *maybe* we might be in the same chapter if not the same page.
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This has mostly been reported as "trans women banned from women's chess" but it's much more sinister. (as if it weren't already.)

ALL trans people are targeted by this ruling. Trans men will be stripped of all chess titles won, which can only be returned to them by “changing the gender back to a woman” (from the ICF’s ruling). ALL transgender chess players will be marked as trans in their files.

If you play or know anyone who does take a stand on this. It's ugly.

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In my lifetime we have gone from “don’t trust Wikipedia, trust the newspaper” to “don’t trust social media, trust reputable online news outlets” to “the only bastion of truth against the computer-generated garbage published by the mainstream news media is the Wikimedia Foundation and the Fediverse”

I think I have a crossover graphic novel somewhere about that… did I finish reading it? I think I’d better!

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Are Timelords a pre-Q civilization? They can do a LOT of timey wimey wibbly wobbly things!

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"110 years ago, suffragettes bombed and burned their way into the headline… In the space of 18 months, they… torched nearly 340 buildings, including nearly 100 houses or hotels and 32 churches."

These days, we send the relatively tame #JustStopOil to jail for slowing traffic, or throwing confetti.

JSO are on the right side of history.


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"The era of global warming has ended. The era of global boiling has arrived.

The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbearable, and the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable.

Humanity has unleashed destruction. This must not inspire despair, but action."

— United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

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Log in at least once every two years or be derezzed:

Therefore, we are updating the inactivity period for a Google Account to two years across all our products and services. This change starts rolling out today and will apply to any Google Account that’s been inactive, meaning it has not been signed into or used within a two-year period.

We want to protect your private information and prevent any unauthorized access to your account even if you’re no longer using our services.


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@gilahava704 @Rob_T_Firefly

I have become Barbie, Destroyer of Kens.

-Barbenheimer, 1945 (colorized, pink)

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The Cardassian Occupational government will be rebranding Bajor. Bajor will now be known as Q. The rebrand will take effect immediately. That is all. #startrek #twitter #X

@BlueSCSI Purchased pre-assembled from @SMC Thanks so much for the assembly and case! Works great.

I had to remove the screw mounts on the sides to get it into the Mac's port though, which made the metal port edge loose, so I've taped it in place. I'll never be unplugging it so no big deal. Maybe I bought the wrong version?

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