Receiving MMS messages on the is getting closer to working by default. In byzantium the needed and fixes are already there now, we just need to add and purple-mm-sms manually: Thanks to Chris T and @craftyguy @purism


Sounds good, but I'm not sure I understand what that means. Trying to guess: you have a regular SIM card in your Librem 5 that gives you a mobile data connection, and then you have another phone number that is your JMP number and people can send MMS to that number, but that is not the number for your SIM card? Two phone numbers, the one for your SIM card and another one that is the JMP number? (The JMP number does not have any SIM card?)
Is that how it works?

@craftyguy @purism

@eliasr @keverets @purism

Yeah that's basically how it works, you have to use the # from JMP (which is mapped to an XMPP account) to receive/send MMS.

I'm using a similar setup to help test MMS stuff:

I just didn't want to have to give out a second # to have people MMS me with, since that's annoying. So I'd rather see native MMS stuff working :D

@eliasr @craftyguy @purism yes. The "number" for the data sim doesn't really do anything (no sms or calls). It's basically an account identifier for the mobile network. My actual used number connects to my xmpp clients. Only downside is that chatty doesn't support voice atm so I have to use SIP on librem5. Everywhere else (android, laptop, etc) calls come in through my xmpp clients as well.

This works well simce the SIM is just for data, but I can use wifi everywhere instead.

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