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As a reminder, the actual RCS standard does not support end-to-end encryption, either for individuals or group chats. Google added its own support to it’s own Messages app, and it does not work with any other app. So you want “RCS” with E2E encryption? You have to use Google’s app, and Google’s servers. Just like Apple does with iMessage.

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Me: I won't discuss business in a room with an Alexa, because Amazon is my business competitor and they eavesdrop.

Various other folks: :flan_eyeroll:

Today: Amazon to pay fine for eavesdropping.

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launching next week: the new MNT Reform Keyboard V3 (also as drop-in module for the MNT Reform laptop)!

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If we priced externalities into the cost of fossil fuels, it’s not a profitable business.

The cleanup costs in California will be triple the industry’s projected profits, and that doesn’t even include cleaning up CO₂ and CH₄ from the atmosphere.

The beepberry looks very interesting. A blackberry keyboard on a device powered by a raspberry pi zero, and all quite inexpensive.

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Time to ask questions, boys!

What communications tools/chat protocols do you use in 2023 for PERSONAL communications? Only select those you have used in the past week or two. If you only write via Facebook to your grandma once a year, don't select it.

Also, I don't care if your workplace uses Slack or MS Teams. Only choose the options you use for personal stuff.

Please, repost for greater reach.
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It's my belief that if an electronic device needs replacing within four years—for any reason—it was defective from the beginning.

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Kudows to @Fairphone for the new Fairbuds XL 🎶

A new proof that with some willpower, we can make a more sustainable world! 🌳🌍

And since they are cool and compatible with all Murena phones with /e/OS, we have decided to make them available at

#sustainability #privacy #mydataisMYdata

@murena @e_mydata

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Quick survey ☑️:
=> Which version of @gajim are you using?

The latest one? 🚀
Are you stuck on an older version and can't upgrade? 🔧
Don't want to upgrade? ❓
Tell us! 📢 :xmpp:

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The Parable of the Killer of Hundreds vs. the Killer of None

The Killer of Hundreds and the Killer of None met to resolve their differences.

The Killer of Hundreds said, "I offer a compromise, we shall only kill fifty."

The Killer of None replied, "I offer only that we shall kill none."

The onlookers cried out in shock and surprise! What sort of compromise was this?

The Killer of Hundreds smiled coldly and said, "You should be more reasonable. Clearly I have compromised, and you have not. If you will not deal with me reasonably, how are we ever to proceed?"

The Killer of None replied, "You offer little compromise, killer of hundreds. For you, to compromise on the number of people killed sacrifices none of your position. For you, it is only a matter of scale.

"However," The Killer of None continued, "For me to concede to even one of these murders would be to compromise all of my position. Once I cross that line, what argument can I ever possess for one against fifty or hundreds?

"In truth," the Killer of None explained, to the listening ears of all present, "You are compromising nothing, while asking me to compromise everything.

"For some things there can never be any compromise."

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Ocean temperatures are off the charts right now, and scientists are alarmed. So many species harmed, more energy in the weather system, and more glacial melting. I’m worried that everyone is underestimating the pace of sea level rise. 😱

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We are analyzing #openstreetmap community communication behaviors and will present our findings at #sotmus. Want to help? Take this quick, anonymous survey to tell us if and how you use the #osm forum, mailing lists, social media and other channels. Thanks!

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"Microsoft Edge sends a request to bingapis .com with the full URL of nearly every page you navigate to"

Microsoft secretly tracks people across myriads of websites/apps via pixel. Now it was caught tracking them directly in the browser, by default. Wild.

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We’re part of an open letter asking the UK government to rethink the Online Safety Bill to protect end-to-end encryption and respect privacy.

Read the letter here:

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As a major lawsuit is threatening @internetarchive we want to highlight the valuable work they do to ensure universal and free access to information. From 'controlled digital lending' to preserving banned and rare books, learn more here:
📚 Join us in solidarity to defend the internet archive. #DigitalRightsForLibraries

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“Simulations suggest that the extensive Copenhagen bicycle lane network has caused the number of bicycle trips and the bicycle kilometers traveled to increase by 60% and 90%, respectively, compared with a counterfactual without the bicycle lane network.

This translates into an annual benefit of €0.4M per km of bicycle lane owing to changes in generalized travel cost, health, and accidents.”

-> Those bikelanes have a payback time of a few years!
#dktrp #dkgreen

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Pixelfed is a photo sharing social network, the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram.

You can find out more from the official website at:


The site has a server list and app list (click ☰ if you're on mobile).

The official @pixelfed apps are in public beta testing, and there are third party Pixelfed apps available such as @vernissage for iPhone and @PixelDroid for Android.

You can follow Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon, and Mastodon accounts from Pixelfed.

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#WireGuard becomes the first VPN app on #FDroid to be built reproducibly! This means that WireGuard on F-Droid is now guaranteed to be 100% (bit-by-bit) equal to the WireGuard the developer builds.

If you're using WireGuard from F-Droid, please export your tunnels and re-install to switch to the developer's signature and continue receiving updates.

More details in the official WireGuard announcement:

New to reproducible builds? Check out

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