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When discussing alternatives for , I heard: "I tried X a couple times but it didn't give me the results I wanted but Google did, so I stay there". I use multiple search engines and see each one's strengths and weaknesses. This made me realize there is a kind of bias: using one service provides simplicity. When using one, we don't know when that it is providing worse results than alternatives. Then people get the impression "the alternative sucks, I'll stick with the good one" 1/

Going to my and disabling "Block Sleep (S3)" makes this promising message show up in the logs: "Low-power S0 idle used by default for system suspend"

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Travelling by train in Europe should be silky smooth.

From pan-European corridors to interregional connections, we have helped build greener and sustainable ways into #Europe.

And we are up for more:

🚊 Today, we earmarked more than €52 million to support the purchase of 37 electric #trains for 13 interregional routes in Romania.

🚆 This month, we allocated €411 million to help build two sections of Spain’s Murcia-Almería high-speed railway.

Discover more:!J6DBmw


"Data brokers are obsessed with families with children ... Some people might be reluctant to tell a stranger whether they have children, exactly how many, whether they are still small. The advertising industry wants to know just that.

Mom and dad don’t live together? The advertising industry is capitalizing on this, too. Some segments are about single parents. For Germany, we found segments on single parents with adult children, single parents with teenagers and young single parents."

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So I just worked through trying to make bookworm do hibernation with encrypted swap and . Looks like is fine with using a swap file from an encrypted partition, but now the requirement is apparently that the swap is signed to prevent modification. I stuck what I know here

and even bike-free in Montenegro shows the kinds of freedoms we give up when we let vehicles, especially large motorized ones, dominate our cities and towns. There, even babies can roam around the streets alone, and the neighborhood cats can sleep undisturbed until humans wake up.

„Für mich ist es frappierend, dass beispielsweise der Amazonas-Regenwald in den Medien regelmäßig mit dem Aufruf erscheint, die Biodiversität dort zu schützen, dabei sterben vor unserer Haustür Arten aus"

Just because is bad and his invasion of horrendous does not automatically make the powers that be in Ukraine good. There are some very sketchy elements in the government in Ukraine, for example ,

One of the things I sometimes appreciate about using is that is sometimes pauses and doesn't work for a bit. That forces me to think: did I just click through to this video, or is it actually worth watching? I hate interruptions in general, but I also hate being driven by social media to waste my time and my brain.

Europe has a long history of destroying river ecosystems throughout the continent by building dams.This contributes a lot to . The is exporting this, by paying for new dams in pristine ecosystems, for example, in the , where the locals have long history of keeping nature intact and wild. Places like and should export their knowledge to the EU, what is happening is vice versa and now we watch more "dams destroy rivers completely"

@kgbvax TRUST. Yes, that's the key.

With CLOSED source you need to trust the dev, ans solely the dev (unless there were audits).

With FOSS, everyone (technically capable of) can review/audit the source. At F-Droid, that is done: many eyes on the code, many mechanisms cross-checking it. True, not every line and every minute, but it's done.

Knowing the dev behind it then is only needed to put blame – and THAT is not what F-Droid stand for :awesome:

Unlike Google, F-Droid does not force developers to publicize their name or address information.

We understand that people have many reasons to develop under another name than their legal one and to keep their personal information private. And that what matters is the trust between user and developer, not private details of their lives.

For more information on how we designed F-Droid to protect your privacy, see

Attempts by airlines, airports, and government agencies to make facial recognition mandatory for air travel being challenged in both the US and the EU

So many English-language media outlets report on coups simply as an attack on democracy without actually talking about why people are supporting the coup. Too often "democracy" in post-colonial states means choosing between leaders handpicked by old colonial powers who represent those interests (Afghanistan is a clear example).

One supporter said: "There’s a small number of people profiting from the riches of Niger, Nigeriens cannot live like that."

Neither nor is helping with . They are giving us an easy out that won't actually work. Even so-called energy has an environmental impact, including water use, mining, use of oil for plastics, etc. At this point, electric cars should be taxed the same as any other, except maybe cheap ones. It is absurd at this point to subsidize building environmentally damaging luxury cars like Teslas. Get more people walking, biking, taking transit

@EU_Commission oh my lord can we please drop the silly "Web 3.0 / 4.0" buzzwords already? Pretty please? 🙄

They've been utterly taken over by cryptocurrency peddlers and other snakeoil salesmen. They are unnecessary even if they hadn't been taken over.

Instead, can we focus on making the web we have trustworthy, privacy-preserving, and safe? :blobcatcoffee:

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