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Try out our new #ReproducibleBuilds support! All signature types are supported The "fdroid build" CI job on app merge requests will run a complete test and give rapid results before sending it to the production buildserver.

Another day, more privacy washing from Google.

Google Play Store is labeling apps as "Teacher approved", which is meant to be read as "kid-safe", but advocacy groups have filed an FTC complaint for deceptive labeling, as some of these apps violate COPPA.

Original tweet :

Don't be fooled: Google's latest announcement on third-party cookies doesn't mean it will stop tracking you. We’ve built a new site to tell you whether or not you are a test subject in Google’s latest tracking experiment:

I should also add that food factories are not necessarily high impact on the environment, if utilized correctly. If an organic food factory replaced a much larger piece of farmland, and that land was returned to an entirely natural state, that will be beneficial. Instead, it is almost always used to grow off-season foods, like strawberries in Spring and Fall. That means it is just increasing negative impacts on the ecosystem.

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After ~15 years of organizing video conferences in many contexts, I've noticed that each platform represents a specific culture. The culture is defined by how the software expects people to interact, how the various powers are granted, and how the moderation capabilities are managed. are a corporate meeting, is an informal meeting space, is 1990s IM merged with desk phones, is SMS/mobile calls, is 1990s IM merged with SMS/mobile calls.

I always had this picture of a beautiful natural setting when I thought of farming. That's how it is so often portrayed. The reality in the is that produce comes from food factories that have the same impact on the ecosystem as any other massive factory. The whole area is paved and roofed, the soil, insect, and bird life is wiped out, and the crops are grown in highly controlled, factory conditions. Watch the industry video to see the whole picture

I'm currently working on a #Pixelfed client called Resin, designed to prevent social media addiction. To hear more about it, check out:

And for more about its design philosophy:

Just in case @Liberapay is your thing.
Briar has an account there:

Shout out to the 26 patreons pledging support over there. (and to anyone else, with whatever means).

can be a building material and source, but only if managed correctly and policy currently does not reflect that well. European old growth forests are rapidly disappearing and when replaced, are turn into tree farm monocultures

The real sustainable practices, which were used for centuries, are still known but barely practiced

In purely military terms, the attacks of 9/11 have proven to be one of the strongest examples of asymmetrical warfare: Al Qaeda spent some 10s of millions to do $2 trillion in damage, and triggered NATO to spend trillions on wars that ended up killing more of their own people than the original 9/11 attacks did. Or to put it bluntly: the people of NATO got played

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once again proves to be the graveyard of empires. Fading empires have been fighting a totally counterproductive war there for 20 years. Even worse, the war cost 50% of Afghanistan's GDP. Money well spent? could've just made direct payments to Afghanis. Who would still support extremist militias if NATO had given the entire country a 50% raise for the 20 years. The stupidity of that war is unfathomable, it shows how broken the status quo politics are

NYT "Europe's Vaccination Problem" did not represent the story well, some valuable discussion, but rushed to binary good/bad judgments, like it was bad that the did not put export controls on domestic manufacturers. That's not bad, it's responsible and ethical! Sure US/UK got short term benefits even they will have contact with the rest of the world again, regardless of what Trumpists want. EU Deal probably sped vaccine delivery for most EU countries, e.g. small ones

Does anyone know of any monuments to foreign armies that occupied the place where the monument is? I've always been fascinated by the giant to the Soviet Army that is in central Vienna, and I'm curious whether anywhere else has something like that.

Steve Jobs was from the Silicon Valley, born and raised and lived his whole life there. All these people are from somewhere else: Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Sergei Brin, Eric Schmidt, Larry Ellison, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone.

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is now getting lots of press for being the recipient of people leaving the Silicon Valley. “They just keep coming. The fleece vests, the tech bros—that’s definitely imported from California.” What is key to note here is that this same flood hit the Silicon Valley in the 90s. These hoards are not "from California", they almost all came from somewhere else. Now they are leaving and ruining other places.

Now its clear that cars are going , it is time to stop subsidizing cars entirely. The climate impact of just building an electric car greatly exceeds the entire climate impact of the life of biking or public transit systems. Electric car subsidies are now supporting stupid projects like 's tunnels, which is just a bad reinvention of the subway.

Donors have influence, and big donors even more. is now steering global health research in the things he decides himself to focus on. This is dangerous

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