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Good info from F-Droid on the jitsi app.

Warning: when using a Jitsi Meet instance, your stream is encrypted on the network but decrypted on the machine that hosts the bridge. See for more information.

The bluetooth contact tracing discussion is all over the news now.

There's this project, which is being sold as doing the right thing regarding privacy:

Unfortunately they don't seem to intend releasing anything as free software :(

> We are establishing a partner management team to help you get going quickly.
> As a partner, you will: … have access to our documentation and the source code of a reference implementation.

for most people, quarantine means work life has merged into the home. Since I was already remote working from home, using lots of social media, it feels like my entire life has become like work.

Our ally and Electronic Frontier Alliance member, @STOPSpyingNY is working hard to shine a light on the privacy risks posed by the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About contact tracing apps, I'm skeptical they are so effective. For example: "iPhone users are asked to keep the app open so it can keep using Bluetooth, which iOS will otherwise throttle to save battery life." How many would actually do that?

Wearing masks is clearly more important, and lacks the privacy risks, and are already cheap and available. I've worked quite a bit with Bluetooth. Its far from reliable, unless users really actively manage the process.

Privacy and protecting data is usually not much of a concern for SAAS providers - Zoom here shares your data on Facebook, even if you don't have a facebook account...
#selfhosting #onpremises

I'd like to remind you all that Jitsi is in F-Droid while Zoom is not. That's all for now.

Schools need to slam the brakes on surveillance and think about what kind of dystopia they’re creating for their students.

EPIC backed the plan to establish Best Practices to limit the distribution of child sexual exploitation material, but cautioned "against recommendations that would reduce privacy and security for Internet users." EPIC pointed out that actual end-to-end encryption "protects users, promotes commerce, and ensures cybersecurity." ->

Über Elektroautos: "nachhaltig sind trotzdem nur die Gummistreifen auf dem Asphalt" - "Die CO2-Emissionen in Produktion und Betrieb gehören wahrheitsgemäß errechnet und angegeben, nicht verschleiert und schöngefärbt"

Mandatory fully automated upload filters are at odds with the GDPR.

Yet the EU's #CopyrightDirective will lead to mandatory upload filters for all of Europe's platforms.

What if analytics services gave us clear measurements to make users spend less time on each task? If apps are solving problems for users, then users should not spend more and more time. requires ever more time because users are the products being sold

I recently stumbled upon the history of the Nazi promotion of automobiles. It turns out the Nazis loved cars, built the Autobahns, created VW, and promoted cars in general. Henry Ford was also a huge fan of the Nazis and vice versa Italy's autostrade were built under Mussolini. Seems to be a lot of corrolation between fascism and promoting cars

I went hiking in the mountains near Vienna at the end of January and there were flowers blooming then. I thought it was a freak warm spell, but now after a month of Spring weather, it looks clear that this year Spring started at the end of January. This is in a place where Spring used to show up in April. is already here.

Enough is enough. If Congress can't bring meaningful reform to Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, they should let it expire.

Schools need to slam the brakes on surveillance and think about what kind of dystopia they’re creating for their students.

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