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Since #phosh made lockscreen widgets a plugin, I actually found it is prettty easy to make one yourself! I have been playing around with one that displays emergency info and emergency contacts.

Is there anything obvious I am missing from it? I got these from Android. Note that a user can add/remove/edit Emergency Contacts as they wish. (My hope is to merge this back into Phosh proper).

We're supposed to be productive all the time..but these days my 'productivity' is thinking, looking at trees and hopefully some ideas make connections in my head slowly. From outside you'd see me just sitting around.

This is supposed to be my storyboard, but my thoughts are so chaotic and my ideas usually emerge during the creative process so I guess the planning won't get much better.
Anyone relate?

#trees #winter #snow #thoughts #creativity #artist #artistdesk #artistlife #behindthescenes

We are about to post an CS update for Glasgow. I wanted to share some more pictures of the PnP machine changeover before that happens. It took a week of work just to change over my poor Quad PnP machine. First I had to pull out one of each part from the part boxes. (some extra context in the image alt text) 🧵

"Ninja janitor's delight" - my new clothes line ;) Photos inspired by absurdity of fashion photography. Clothes inspired by my huge sensory issues, comfort needs and huge belly not anticipated by clothes shops. Both pants have 2 regulations of waist width for super comfort.
I am just learning so be kind;)

#fashion #clothes #diy #craft #sewing #artist #autism #sensory #comfort #pants #cozy #warm

So, there will be a #LinuxMobile devroom at #FOSDEM :)
If you're interested in presenting there, now would be a good time to submit a proposal ;)


#MobileLinux #Mobile #Linux

Just for fun - a day's worth of temperature data as collected by seven different sensors all next to each other (MCP9700A, BMP180, BMP280, DHT11, AHT20, SHT30 and DS18B20). Note how the offsets used on the second graph are all within the stated accuracy of their respective sensors 😊

Worth noting that MCP9700A data is negatively affected by poor ADC that I used (D1 Mini's ESP8266) and doesn't actually represent the quality of the sensor itself. All the other sensors are digital though.

This is the original drawing of Artichoke that made it into the intro of my game "Karambola".

With every fruit-head (or veggie-head), I tried to imagine their character and what was bothering them. There's a full story behind Artichoke here, but perhaps you want to play first to find out yourself?

Play for free:

#art #mastoart #ink #drawing #artichoke #fruitpeople #fruit #veggie #city #worries #indie #indiegame #indiegamedev #gamedev

Last week an update arrived in PureOS with improvements for call audio. You should be more legible to your interlocutors during calls; also, the phone now automatically switches to external wired microphone once connected. The whole audio path went through a big overhaul, allowing for hardware volume control with zero-cross and reducing unnecessary amplification that could cause distortions.

Haven't seen people complaining about the changes so far - that's a good sign :)

Dyzio waited 8 years to have his portrait, until yesterday, when I decided to let go of the expectations of it being a perfect black and white ink drawing/me proving that I still ‚got it’. Instead I attempted to paint him with a set of really bad quality acrylic paints I had (can’t afford better ones atm). Hope he'd be satisfied with the outcome;)

#caturday #cats #MastoCats #MastodonCats #CatsOfMastodon #art #mastoart #painting #acrylic #portrait

Well, this solves the mystery of several unsolicited "hi" messages I've been receiving from @movim's XMPP server lately (that I've been simply ignoring so far). Have a wonderful day folks!

Many programming languages have have cute mascots. On the other hand, "the official mascot for C++ is an obese, diseased rat named Keith, whose hind leg is missing because it was blown off." [1] I sent to someone on Etsy and they turned it into a plushie for me.


That said, I think that given good curation tools, an optional timeline consisting not of your follows', but your followers' posts could nicely augment already existing local and federated timelines. I've got more than twice as many followers than follows here on the fediverse and I'm sure there are some people I'd like to follow in there - it just isn't easy to browse through 100s of accounts 😞

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I'm usually a bit confused when people say that following someone on social media means endorsing them in some way, or worse, when they act upon discovering that someone follows someone. Case in point: I accidentally imported Fedifinder's list of not just my birdsite's follows, but also my followers - and my timeline sure needs some curation now 😫

It did made me follow some great accounts I probably wouldn't find otherwise, so it's not all bad!

I think my favourite part from the thimble sequence in this mini-game from ODGŁOS was the angry flower hair clips;) I had fun making this animation. And lots of back pain. Do you like it?

The thimbles are from all over the world and come from my mom's collection.

#animation #music #sounds #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #art #mastoart #videogames #experimental #studio #legendary #retro #vintage #handmade #original #stopframe #weird #indiegame #gamedev #electronic #electronicmusic

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