@dos I'd love to see pictures taken of the same objects with the and some other camera(s) as comparison.

For me those pictures have a truly great style. Good mixture of grain (reminds me of film material), nice color style and depth of field.

If you'll change the settings, please preserve these for me and make them selectable :-) ...

@dos wow! compared to your previous low light pictures this looks much less noisy. What kind of magic is this? ;)

@anirudh All gain/exposure/focus adjustment is manual so far. This means that when, say, making photos of constantly moving objects like cats you tend to lower exposure and apply a lot of gain so you have a chance to catch it in a still pose. Also, we need more driver work to access longer exposure modes anyway. It's all WIP and changes quickly, plus my photos are just me having fun along the way and aren't really proper demonstration of sensor's abilities ;)

@dos also why only close shots? Can you please tease us with some long range shots as well

@anirudh Because it's easier for me to do nice close shots where I'm in. I'd have to go for a longer walk.

But I've heard that @devrtz may have some pretty landscapes to share soon ;)

@dos The pictures have a really nice touch of tone - like for a phone appropriate :)

@dos can't wait till i can also shot with my librem 5 x) will the camera app be bundled with the Byzantium update?

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