With latest updates, GNOME Web (Epiphany) can play YouTube videos on the Librem 5, so you won't have to switch to Firefox to do that anymore. And you won't believe where the bug was located[1]! ;) Call `sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-libav` or wait a few days until it's installed by default with the next update and enjoy. @purism

[1] it was in glibc...

@dos @purism
I'm confused. If installing a gstreamer library is the solution, how is a glibc bug the problem?

(Anyway kudos for making it work :D )

@danielst @purism If you installed gstreamer1.0-libav with the buggy glibc version it would break all video in Epiphany completely (which is why it wasn't installed by default until now).

@dos @purism I do confirm it works ok now with libav

The Screen Refresh-Rate is not fixed in Linux5.9 or yes?

@carlosgonz The screen has been running at 63Hz for a while already.

Hi Sebastian
If L5 is already running at 63Hz on screen, why the browser epiphany is stuttering too much?

@carlosgonz Epiphany is slow even on my laptop. AFAIK there's still plenty of work needed to make it as performant as it could be.

I mean that Epiphany doesn't run smooth like scrolling is not fluid. I also saw that the whole system is just as same not smooth, maybe it's a bug in phoc. ?

@carlosgonz Yes, that's what I meant. Scrolling in Epiphany is slow, and zooming is super slow, but that's Epiphany's (and gtk's) thing. What's properly GPU-accelerated works smoothly on the L5.

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