@lunduke I'm looking for a little palmtop-style computer, with the ideals of 1- being able to run a rad operating system (DOS, FreeDOS, AmigaOS, maybe even Linux/*BSD) and 2- having some means of getting information off of it when I need to transfer data to my regular setup. I anticipate having to save up for it, but I'd like recommendations on what I should be looking for. I don't want a GUI (I'd mostly just be running wordgrinder and vim) & I anticipate not having a working network connection.

@zachir There's a few great ones out there -- HP 100LX is a nice 186-based unit. Getting files on and off would be via serial/modem (so you'll need another computer capable of that).

@lunduke hmm, ok. I don't know how I could get data from there connected to my laptop, but I'll look into it! Thanks for the recommendation!

@Jelv @lunduke that does look promising! Seems like it might be a little overkill for what I need, but I don't have a problem with that ;)

@zachir @lunduke I went and bought a cheap netbook from BestBuy for like $125 and put Linux on it. It’s probably my favorite computer because it can do the simple things I needed it to do (development) plus the occasional cat video.

@jv1783 @lunduke that sounds pretty good, I might have to give that a shot

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